PCSing to Minot AFB Halted Temporarily


Air Force officials have temporarily halted most permanent change of station moves and temporary duty assignments to Minot Air Force Base, N.D., according to Air Force Personnel, Services and Manpower Public Affairs.

Flooding has forced many to evacuate Minot, N.D., prompting the commanders of the 5th Bomb Wing and 91st Missile Wing to request a partial stop movement.

Airmen within the U.S. who are projected to move to Minot AFB, and those who have already out-processed but who have not departed their current duty station — except those specifically authorized to continue their move —  should not leave. Air Force civilians with orders to Minot AFB also should not leave their losing base until further notice.

Airmen planning to take leave en route may depart their station, but cannot report to Minot AFB afterward if the stop movement is still in place.  In that event, they will be charged leave for the additional time.

Airmen stationed overseas with June or July return dates and orders for Minot AFB who have not yet departed the overseas location have the following options:

— Those planning to take leave en route, but not in the Minot area, may proceed, with the understanding that if the stop movement order is still in place when their leave ends, they will not be allowed to proceed to the base, and additional leave will be charged against their leave account.
— Those who do not plan to take leave en route must remain at their overseas station until the stop movement order is lifted.
— Those interested in voluntarily extending the overseas time may submit an extension request for consideration.

Military members who have already departed their permanent duty station will be contacted by the personnel section. Those en route to Minot AFB who did not plan to take leave will be required to report to the nearest Air Force base military personnel flight, where they will be placed on temporary duty hold.

Airmen and Air Force civilians with temporary duty orders to Minot AFB must get gaining unit approval to proceed before leaving their duty station.  Airmen whose temporary duty assignments are not approved must remain in place until further notice. All Minot AFB Airmen scheduled to return home from temporary duty or leave may do so.

For more information about the stop movement order, affected Airmen should contact their current or most recent permanent duty station MPF, or call the AFPC assignment programs and procedures branch at 210-565-3815, or the 24-hour contact at 210-565-2020. Affected Air Force civilians can contact the 24-hour number above or their current or most recent civilian personnel section.




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