Moving? Your stuff is going to be late.


If you’ve made a move in the continental United States, or expect to make one this summer, the Defense Department has some bad news for you. Your stuff is going to be late.

There have been so many moves this summer that the Defense Department is having a tough time getting everyone’s furniture and other household goods moved in a timely fashion.

Things are so busy that the Joint Personal Property Shipping Offices might not be able to accommodate your move date, according to an Air Force press release. The entire CONUS and all military services are experiencing limited capacity for government-arranged moves in some markets and delayed deliveries out of storage in others, according to the release.

Military  members and other personnel are being cautioned to have some patience and expect some delays when it comes to getting household goods from one duty station to another.

DoD is asking those families moving in the next 60 days to  initiate their moves early, anticipate possible delays, be flexible in their pickup dates and consider doing a personally procured move when feasible.



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  1. This is disgusting. This happened to me last year. I had to live in an apartment without my household goods for a month. And of course there is no compensation for it. How hard is it to move stuff? This is their job right? So pathetic.

  2. Here’s an idea why not STOP WITH THE MOVES until you can get a control on the movement schedules???

    I be damned if the military is going to give me a set of orders to somewhere (more than likely somewhere I don’t want to be to begin with) then tell me I am responsible for getting me and myself there. It seems rather simple if you don’t have the resources to get me to where YOU want me to go, then YOU don’t move me until you do.

  3. ronald45 – IF you are in the military – you are in the military. You’ll go where you are told and do what you are told to do. If you don’t like that, go find a job out in the economy somewhere. So you have to live without your stuff for a month or so. Big whoop. How many people are living without a job, without health care, or without the ability to marry who they want just because the person they love is the same gender.

  4. Most excellent sentiment Warrior1!! Although I do sympathize with the annoyance engendered having to do without your stuff.

  5. Well Warrior1, it’s your Neanderthal thinking that has kept this system so full of inept, incompotent people for at least the 21 years I was in the military! Bravo! Aren’t you such the man! Well, I will tell you a real man doesn’t allow his wife and kids live in an empty house. Period. The extremely inept system currently in place has always prepared for the “busy season” merely by telling their people that their answer for everything is “this is the busy season” instead of hiring more movers and doing the right thing! They also spread this to the billeting’s to make sure they throw people out after their max stay, even if they do not have their stuff yet. I do not see how anyone could possibly defend this system, but nice try at getting your other agenda’s in…..homeless..jobless..homosexual. Couldn’t fit in religion or abortion? I think the article was about military moves? Wasn’t it? And yes, I DID find a job on the economy..something I’ll bet you are too afraid to do! signed..One happy retiree!

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