Academy Cadets, staff sickened by stomach bug


The  Air Force Academy is treating more than 200 cadets and some active duty personnel for an apparent outbreak of the stomach flu, according to a press release from the academy in Colorado.

As of today, approximately 240 basic cadets have shown stomach flu symptoms, which include nausea, vomiting and diarrhea, 10th Medical Group officials said in a press release. Active-duty personnel exhibiting  symptoms have been sent home to recover. Those affected are being treated with oral and intravenous fluids and anti-nausea medication.

“The health and safety of our cadets and all those who live and work at the Air Force Academy is our top priority,” said Air Force Academy Superintendent Lt. Gen. Mike Gould in the press release. “We understand this is a serious matter, and we’re taking steps to inform Academy personnel and the community of the precautions necessary to ensure their safety.”

Officials with the Academy’s 10th Medical Group are advising those exhibiting  symptoms to stay hydrated and seek a local health care provider if needed. They’re also cautioning people to  prevent the spread of the disease by thoroughly washing hands and cleaning potentially infected  surfaces with a 10-percent bleach solution.


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