Fun facts about the new AFCENT chief


A philosophy major? Just call him the Socrates of Al Udeid.

Air Forces Central has a new commander – and because of the high-profile nature of the gig, it’s time for a round of Air Force bar trivia!

Here are a few factoids you need to know about Lt. Gen. David Goldfein:

● He will be in command of a 20-country region that stretches from Egypt to Pakistan.

● He majored in philosophy at the Air Force Academy.

● He was the last pilot to complete qualification training in the F-117,

● He was also the first general officer to fly the MQ-9 Reaper.

● Goldfein was flying an F-16 over Serbia in 1999 when he came under fire and was forced to eject. He took some shrapnel to his hand but was otherwise OK.

● He’s not hesitant to reach out and contact Air Force Times. (And hey, our phone lines are open anytime you want to chat!)


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  1. I use to work for this man in 2005, he was an O-6 then (awesome wing commander) and 6 years later he is an O-9? He is moving!!!!

  2. Then-Colonel ‘Fingers’ Goldfein wrote an excellent little leadership treatise published when he was running the F-16 business at Aviano. I’ve found parts of it to serve well as a help when trying to impart that critical skill to CAP cadets. This man has long been a hands-on ‘operator’, a background too often lacking in general officers. He’s plainly an exceptional leader & unless politics prevents it, downrange it won’t be a surprise if he ends up CSAF.

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