Beware Fake Air Force Websites


The 624th Operations Center at Lackland Air Force Base is warning Air Force personnel to be on the lookout for malicious websites posing as official Defense Department and Air Force pages, according to public affairs.

Center officials have discovered spoofed sites and want airmen to pay attention to the sites their surfing and be careful using passwords. The Air Mobility Command Threat, Analysis, and Response Cell identified the spoofing threat to the 624th.

The center is asking all Air Force personnel, including  military, civilians and contractors to be sure that links and Uniform Resource Locators (URLs) are legitimate before entering their passwords. Failure to be cautious could make official sites vulnerable to exploitation and other threats, according to public affairs.

The 624th Operations Center recently issued a Notice to Airmen asking AFNet users to identify the actual Web address, normally listed below the heading of the search result before selecting a link. The notice also pointed out official sites usually have a “.mil” or “.gov” extension on the URL address such as the official Air Force website address:

Airmen who find a spoofed Air Force or Department of Defense Website should alert the local Information Assurance office immediately.


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