Move your butt to move that bus!


This could be you. (Air Force photo by Ron Fry)

When you cough, do you ever wonder whether it’s mold or asbestos that’s slowly making you sick?

Have you ever justified the peeling paint on your walls by saying, “Well, hey, there’s not that much lead in there.”

And do you describe the hole termites ate in your back wall as “God’s air conditioning?”

If you answered yes to any of those questions, the folks at ABC want to demolish your home, build you a new one and videotape you freaking out over your sudden good fortune.

Yes, you could be on “Extreme Makeover: Home Edition.” The producers are looking for people with “amazing strength of character and who put their own needs aside to help others. Whether it’s a soldier, a mom, a teacher or a fireman, we think deserving families are families who inspire those around them.”

We assume that means airmen can also apply, but that’s for the folks at the ABC to decide. But if Ty Pennington arrives at your door, you’ve got a new house on the way.

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