No need to miss that first bell


Your kids’ future school bus.

One day, that fighter jet you work on could get kids to school — and arrive much, much faster than a minivan.

CBS News has this fun story about a school bus retrofitted with an engine from an F-4 Phantom II. The 42,000-horsepower engine can push the bus up to 320 mph.

So why put a fighter engine in a school bus?

“We thought a bus because it would be cool and we go into a lot of schools with kids and stuff like that and we thought that would be kind of neat and plus we got three seats in there so we can give rides, too,” Stender told one CBS affiliate.



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  1. As a taxpayer, I really do not see how this is beneficial for anyone. I guess a benefit would be that kids would want to go to school because they are riding in Air Force jet engine bus.

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