Cranial vacancy on display


Dope du jour Daryn Moran, the former AWOL-but-not-really-AWOL Air Force NCO, is back on YouTube to take up his crusade against his former commander in chief.

This time, the former Ramstein airman, vows to arrest the president for forging his birth certificate. He plans to “gas up the car, drive in my vehicle to Washington, D.C., knock on the president’s door and tell him he’s coming with me.”


In a bizarre, 13-minute screed, Moran takes aim at a wide range of topics:, Adm. Mike Mullen, Transportation Security Administration, gays and lesbians, the Democrats, Vice President Joe Biden, Muslims, the Secret Service, the elected officials of Omaha, and, puzzlingly, “Jeopardy!”

Here are a few of the juicier quotes:

It's a Tea Party martyr video.

“Call your Secret Service, coward. You wouldn’t even do an arm-wrestling match with me if I ask you. You probably wouldn’t do a 40-yard dash.”

“I’m not coming with a shotgun. I’m not coming with a knife. I’m coming with the Constitution in my hand and the Bible and the fact he’s a criminal and a known forger.”

“President Obama will be on the run the remainder of his days.”

“To the military out there: Stop hiding Obama. Stop protecting him. He is a criminal.”

“Being a gay is a sin in the Bible. Whether you like it or not, it’s a sin.”

“Let’s be clear: I’m going after the president for his forged birth certificate. When I said, ‘Arrest him or arrest me,’ what did they do? Sweep me under the rug and discharge me —
with an honorable discharge for an adjustment disorder.”

“I’m coming after you. So line up your little guards and your securities [sic], coward. Wimp. How many of your little SS people or Nazi troopers will it take to stop me? Because I’m
going to come up to your door, gonna knock on your door and tell you to come with me.”

“The military has a had a coup. It’s been taken over by a false commander in chief.”

“The terrorist is in the White House. You terrorize us. The Homeland Security terrorizes us with the TSA.”

“What are we waiting for? It’s time to hold people accountable. That’s what this flag is all about. It almost sounds like today is a declaration of war.”

“I will go to jail. Whatever. Put a bullet in your gun, look in the sight and shoot me when I’m coming. Go ahead. It’s better than living under tyranny and dictatorship.”


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