Didn’t Eisenhower warn against this exact thing?


"Look! A whole pile of money burning!" (Air Force photo by Senior Airman Brett Clashman)

Efficiencies, efficiencies — everywhere, the military is looking for efficiencies.

Well, Time Magazine’s Battleland blog has one idea of how to save almost $25 million: The Air Force could actually write up its own report on how it does its own work.

Booz Allen Hamilton will receive $24,966,507 to write a series of studies including the vageuely titled “Tactics, Techniques and Procedures Report.” (TTPs on what, folks?)

As Battleland’s Mark Thompson points out, “‘Tactics, Techniques and Procedures” is a oft-used military phrase that simply means how we do things around here; the fact that it’s plucked as the title for a multi-million-dollar report seems strange.”

He later adds: “Not sure what’s more appalling: the lousy grammar, or the fact that the U.S. Air Force apparently lacks the ability to do this kind of work on its own.”


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  1. Air Force and Efficiency shouldn’t be used in the same sentence. I’ll bet if you do some research, you’ll find that the person responsible for this ridiculous contract is AF retired.

  2. If the AF is really looking for efficiency, why did they add another layer of admistration to their travel payment process? Now, the base finance office performs their oversight, sends it to Ellsworth AFB to DFAS to do the same thing, and then they tell me it goes to DFAS Indiana to be paid. How did that decision improve the process or save money?

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