Spice inventor: Don’t smoke spice


Even the guy who created Spice thinks smoking this is a bad idea.

Spice has been in the news — at least in our newspaper — quite a bit lately.

The Air Force banned it, and then it developed a urinalysis for it. Occasionally, you’d read about some airmen or some cadets getting nabbed for the synthetic marijuana.

Not that many airmen are smoking spice — the surgeon general told me earlier this month it’s “a small slice of the pie” of drug usage — but the over-the-counter nature of the drug makes regulation even tougher.

All of this leaves the creator of spice and other synthetic cannabinoids shaking his head.

“These things are dangerous — anybody who uses them is playing Russian roulette,” John Huffman told the Los Angeles Times. “They have profound psychological effects. We never intended them for human consumption.”

He later added: “You can’t overdose on marijuana, but you might on these compounds. These things are dangerous, and marijuana isn’t, really.”


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