From captain to two-star general in a day


Maj. Gen. Jim Butterworth

Everyone knows how it works: You do a good job and stay out of trouble, and you earn a promotion.

But usually it’s one rank at a time.

Enter the Georgia National Guard, which just received its newest adjutant general. Maj. Gen. Jim Butterworth is responsible for more than 14,000 personnel in the Georgia National Guard, the Georgia Air National Guard and the Georgia State Defense Force.

Butterworth’s new gig comes with a promotion — from captain to major general.

It’s a political move. Butterworth is a former Air Force and Air National Guard pilot with experience flying B-1s. He left the service in 2002 over concerns with the anthrax vaccine. Since leaving the service, he has worked for Delta Air Lines and served as a state senator. And it comes at a time of a major shake-up of Georgia National Guard brass.

If you ask big Air Force, though, Butterworth remains a major. And he told the Atlanta Journal-Constitution he doesn’t plan to show off his new stars while doing business in D.C.

“As I understand it, there are plenty of adjutant generals that show up [at the Pentagon]in a suit. That would be my intention,” Butterworth told the paper.


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  1. Joke… Careful there Chris. The guard makes up a major portion of our defense and some of the military’s finest contribute. I am sure Major General Butterworth has plenty of experience to lead Georgia’s fighting malitia.

  2. Absolutely a joke! This guy bailed when his country called because he could and now he is back leading the very people he bailed on. This is just one more example of the “good ole boy” syndrome that is rampant in the guard and reserve

  3. “nobody”? or just you….that’s because you lack knowledge and understanding of how the Guard works. You must be active duty…..

  4. This is nothing more than a typical political drug deal. The Guard needs to be abolished, what a waste, promoting a cowardly captain is just plain wrong. When every officer has to do PME and make points and this bone head gets 2 stars and is federally recognized? I like he will wear a suit in DC, ask him what his pay check says. As I said, politics will be the end of us much like all other empires

  5. Yep…this particular situation is a joke and a black eye on the guard….however please do not say the National Guard is a joke. Many a guardsman has given his or her life in the defense of this great nation. When there is a natural disaster the guard is not a joke, when the guard is called to active duty for combat operations it’s not a joke. The constitution will not allow federal troops to enforce laws and carry firearms in the U.S. Many guardsmen are police, firefighters, EMT’s, doctors ect..and bring a wealth of knowledge and experience to the table. I agree that this CPT promoted to MG (by the way he is not federally recognized) is a political move and a bad decision by a politician not a guardsman.

  6. Agree w/Shotout’s comments, all the way to this being a (bad) political move. HOWEVER – for all you obviously AD individuals, remember we in the Guard and Reserve bleed the same color and wear the same name tape on our uniforms, over our hearts, as you so lovingly and smugly do.

    Does this appointment suck? Hellyeah, great big donkey d___s. The Syrup King doesn’t deserve this position, but it’s political in every state (think SC has it as an elecetd position). You want to blame someone? Check with the Governor’s office, it’s solely his decision. Subordinate commanders see this for what it is already, and know what they need to do to keep their Soldiers and Airmen ready with or without his “help”.

    By the way, remember that the Guard is dual missioned, reporting to both the Governor for disasters and responses, and POTUS when needed for federal missions (oh wait, you didn’t know that?).

    Let’s see you bring your candy a$$ into a tornado ravaged town with a raging flood pushing you down a street to pull out a family and their pets. All the while, your own home being on that same street…dink.

  7. Don’t blame Major General Butterworth blame the people of Georgia — they elected Nathan Deal. He doesnt give a damn. All he cares about is taking care of his “good ole boys.” Most of the men and women who serve in the Guard have sacrificed dearly. I know many men and women who lost their jobs because they had to deploy. Weren’t their jobs suppose to be protected — what a joke. These men and women are honorable and they are not the joke. The Governor is a joke, though.

  8. I have personal up front and personal experience with MG Butterworth. The man is completely inept when it comes to running the guard. He needs to return to the GA where all he needs to do is run his mouth, and not manage anyone. He has no idea how to manage and office and he is all over the place. Treat’s his office support with the whim of a kite. And to confirm he is a “good old boy” — has NO business in that position. Huge mistake. What a mess that place is.

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