Strong, if grandiose, responses to uniform changes


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The changes to the new ABUs and phase-in of the new green boots has riled up some airmen. We’ve gotten some responses to our call-out and some discussion in our forums, but perhaps none of the complaints have been expressed with as much literary flair as one A1C from Moody Air Force Base, Ga.

“There is a hole in my heart, and when the wind blows, it goes right through that hole and burns, reminding me that they are no more,” Airman 1st Class Joshua Ricker, a 23rd Equipment Maintenance Squadron aerospace propulsion apprentice, said about the gone, but not forgotten, BDUs in an Air Force release.

He goes on to explain that the ABUs are terrible for maintainers because of stains.

He’s not alone. Second Lt. Chelsea Hendel, 23rd Mission Support Group executive officer, speaks of her own sadness about the transition.

“I will be really sad when they are gone. It will be a shock, and I think I’m going to be in denial. I plan on saving all my sets of BDUs and maybe putting them in a shadow box.”

The story shows that dissent about the new uniform changes is even being heard in official AF public affairs. What do you think? Let us know for an upcoming story.

Sidenote: The AF graphic with the Moody story, above, is awesome.


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  1. The green boots would be great if the Air Force wanted them made to the Army standard. Now that I’ve transfered to the AF I can’t wear my favorite pair of Tan Boots. The AF boots are crap! The soles are fused on most of them and they wear out easy…and the Corcoran sorry excuse for a “jump boot” has a “comfort sole” that wears out quicker than a dish sponge…As I am a part of the AF’s ground mission, I demand more from a boot. I need a COMBAT BOOT, not a costume quality one…I’d rather go bare foot!

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