No word when Kandahar “Poo Pond” will be shut down


NATO is mum about when it plans to drain and fill in the lake of human sewage at Kandahar Air Field affectionately known as the “Poo Pond.”

In early October, an official with the NATO Supply and Maintenance Agency office at Kandahar Air Field said a new wastewater treatment facility would come online in six months, after which the existing Poo Pond would be drained and the sludge burned.

But Air Force Times has been unable to get an update this year on how efforts to close the Poo Pond are progressing.

The current NATO official with purview over the Poo Pond has been unable to say when the cesspool will be shut down despite repeated assurances that he would be able to do so shortly.

“I am not ducking responding to your questions,” Aires S. Reis wrote in a Feb. 6 email. “Please understand that, as a NATO civilian, I have to defer to my HQ back in Capellen, [Luxembourg] in order to ensure the questions posed are answered properly. They in turn, have had to speak with the Stakeholders to ensure the answers are in-line with stated objectives.”

Reis could not be reached for comment on Thursday because he was out of the office.


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