This week's Air Force Times is so awesome, we put the word "badass" on the cover!


In other news, a recent Government Accountability Office report found the Air Force had a disproportionate number of whistle-blower complaints.

The findings were based on a random sample of nearly 100 military reprisal cases concluded between Jan. 1, 2009 and March 31, 2011. While airmen represent 22 percent of the military population, they filed 37 percent of the complaints.

The report comes after an independent review in January determined Air Force officials illegally retaliated against whistleblowers who complained about the mishandling of fallen service members’ remains at the Port Mortuary at Dover Air Force Base, Del.

And badass-in-chief Marcus Brimage, a staff sergeant with the Air National Guard, has vowed that his upcoming UFC bout on April 21 will be anything but boring.

“You’re going to see the fight of the night and/or the knockout of the night,” Brimage said. “Somebody’s going to go to sleep.”

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