Langley uses creative photo illustration for story about airman sentenced for using cocaine


The late singer Rick James once said cocaine is a “hell of a drug.”

Apparently, so is coffee creamer.

A recent news story from Langley Air Force Base about an airman court-martialed for using cocaine was accompanied by a photo illustration showing an airman in the shadows cutting up white powder that looks like cocaine.

The photo was not a portrait of the airman who was sentenced to six months’ confinement for using cocaine; rather it was of a “generic airman,” said Monica Miller Rodgers, a spokeswoman for the 633rd Air Base Wing.

“We encourage creativity in our photographers, and the photo was made by using powdered coffee creamer in our studio with the use of shadow technique for a secluded effect,” she said in an email. “The photo illustration was made to support the story through powerful imagery.”


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  1. perhaps the writer should have used the original Air Force caption. It was clear and followed all the rules.

  2. Not sure what you’re point is? Do you wish they’d have used cocaine? I don’t think AF Times would have gone to that level. It is clearly identified as a Photo Illustration in the cutline. Hats off to Langley for creativity!

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