Teen accused of trying to set fire to F-101 ‘Voodoo’


Florissant, Mo., police say a teen tried to set fire to an F-101 like this one, on display at the National Museum of the Air Force in Dayton, Ohio. (Air Force photo)

Police in Florissant, Mo., arrested a 17-year-old early Sunday who they say tried to set fire to a historic F-101 “Voodoo”, KMOV in St. Louis reported.

Police were responding to the Florissant civic center for a report of a fire when they discovered someone had tossed beer bottles filled with flammable liquid onto the jet, according to KMOV.  The F-101 was on display there. Police found the 17-year-old behind a tree and arrested him, and reportedly were looking for other suspects.

The F-101 was the world’s first supersonic photo-reconnaissance aircraft, according to the National Museum of the Air Force, and the planes were used in low-altitude photo coverage of missile sites during the 1962 Cuban Crisis and in the late 1960s in Southeast Asia.


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