Real-world training for NCOs and other stories in this week’s Air Force Times


Starting on Oct. 1, senior airmen and staff sergeants will attend a five week course that will focus on the day-to-day tasks they will face as new noncommissioned officers, such as completing an enlisted performance report.

The change is meant to give future NCOs more hands-on, practical training before they have to take on the job for real.

On a separate matter, only 20 percent of the NCOs needed to retrain for undermanned career fields have volunteered to do so, and the Air Force is warning NCOs not to wait until they are told to volunteer.

On Aug. 1, the Air Force announced it needed more than 1,400 E-5s and E-6s to switch from 30 overmanned career fields into 73 career fields with shortages.

And “Hurricane Hunters” from the Air Force Reserve’s 53rd Weather Reconnaissance Squadron recently finished tracking Hurricane Isaac as it approached the Gulf of Mexico region.

Their job involves flying into the eye of a hurricane to collect data that allow the National Hurricane Center to better predict the storm’s path. You can read more about the squadron’s recent missions.

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