Deployed airmen can still be a part of the holidays


Need a gift idea for the holidays? How about just your voice?

Similar to Hallmark’s recordable storybook gifts, the new “Get Out and READ” program will give airmen an opportunity to be a part of the holidays. Photo Associated Press/Hallmark.

More than 900 recordable children’s books are being sent to learning resource centers at six deployed locations throughout the U.S. Air Forces Central Command’s area of responsibility.

It’s all part of a new “Get Out and READ” program, which gives deployed airmen the opportunity to keep in touch with their children by reading and recording books in their own voices. The books are offered through a joint effort involving the Air Force Library Program and the Personnel Center’s PLAYpass services initiative.

The PLAYpass program offers discount cards that provide deployed-affected airmen and their eligible Air Force families, and or single airmen the opportunity to participate in social, recreational, fitness and learning programs.

“PLAYpass has invested over $30,000 for the ‘Get Out and READ’ program to send recordable books to learning resource centers at six deployed installations,” said Linda Weston, AFPC Directorate of Services PLAYpass program coordinator.

“Deployed airmen can request a recordable book kit that includes a book, instructions for recording their voice, a pre-paid mailing box and a message card to send a personal note to their families.”

More than 150 recordable book kits are being shipped to each deployed location this month and additional book kits will be made available next year.

Visit to learn more about the PLAYpass card program.


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