CMSAF reviewing tape test, EPRs — this week's Air Force Times


Chief Master Sergeant of the Air Force James Cody isn’t wasting any time delving into two of the most heated issues for enlisted airmen: Waist measurements and EPRs.

Read how Cody will examine both issues over the next six months to see if there are solutions to the frustrations facing airmen. After that, he’s moving on to other issues, like computer based training.

This week’s edition also has a chart showing which airmen are most at risk for date of separation rollbacks this fiscal year. You can see how many airmen the Air Force wants to select by rank and Air Force Specialty Code.

But the pain doesn’t stop there: Read how the massive cuts to defense spending known as “sequestration” may result in even further cuts to end strength next fiscal year.

In other news, the Air Force is putting space and missile officers into two separate career fields to give junior officers experience with space systems earlier in their careers.  Our story explains which airmen are affected.

And details have emerged that may explain why the conviction of a former inspector general at Aviano Air Base, Italy, was thrown out recently.  Check out  our story on what a friend of the woman who accused him of sexual assault wrote the convening authority.

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  1. Thank you CSMAF Cody, finally someone with some common sense making decisions. The waist measurement being use as a component for the Fitness Test and having such an impact on Airmen’s career is wrong. The waist measurement is an indicator of health not fitness. Just like dental and immunization. You can deploy if you fail a Fitness Test; however if you have a class 3 dental or not the required immunization you cannot. If you fail the Fitness Test at a bad time like right before your EPR closes out, you get a referral EPR. Which can turn off oversea assignments and make you ineligible for promotion; however if you get put on a class 3 dental nothing happens. Both waist size and gum issues can cause heart issues and other problems, and both affect your appearance. So if you are given referral EPRs for not meeting the standard for PT, why are not also giving referral EPRs for not meeting the dental standard and keeping up with required immunization. I would think for world wide quaified (for both deployments and PCSs), health reasons, and health insurance reasons you would be just as concern with the dental as the waist. Both are the individual’s responsibility. If you are not taken care of your teeth and gums, it is the same as not taken care of keeping a small waist. A standard is a standard and they all should be treat with the same consequences. Remove the waist component for the test and place it where it belongs with other health care issues like dental and immunizations. Let the PT test the physical components.

  2. Music to my ears. I did the 50 situps in a min, 57 push-ups in a min, ran the mile and a half in 13:41; all passing scores. However; i came in with a 38 in waist because i’m built like a damn tank and due to this i didnt obtain the points needed. Yes, i passed all four cat’s but failed the damn over-all test. PRICELESS!!!

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