Designer creates “anti-drone” fashion


Want to stay incognito from drones? There’s a hoodie for that.

“Stealth Wear” courtesy Adam Harvey /

New York City-based fashion designer Adam Harvey has created a “Stealth Wear” collection, which includes hoodies, hijabs and burqas made with “metalized fibers that reflect heat, thus evading thermal imaging technology used by drones,” the Huffington Post reported.

“Collectively, Stealth Wear is a vision for fashion that addresses the rise of surveillance, the power of those who surveil, and the growing need to exert control over what we are slowly losing, our privacy,” Harvey’s website says.

In an interview with The Guardian, Harvey explained:

“I’m not trying to make products for survivalists. I would like to introduce this idea to people: that surveillance is not bulletproof.”

Harvey has made “wearable technology” before; “Camoflash,” which he debuted in 2010, is an anti-paparazzi clutch that emits a “counter-flash” against photographers. He followed that up with “CV Dazzle,” a camouflage technique that combines makeup and hairstyling in order to thwart computerized facial recognition software.

According to the Daily Beast, hiding from Big Brother won’t be cheap: the hoodie costs $487.45, $561.99 for an anti-drone scarf and $2278.35 for a burqa. His anti-drone shirts, possibly the most affordable, come out to $45.58.

Harvey signed his “Stealth Wear” statement, “In Privacy We Trust.”

Check out Harvey’s “Stealth Wear” collection here.


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