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  1. So, Air Force Times, we’re now in the business of mocking fellow service members now? Yeah, let’s go ahead and kick ’em while they’re down. Way to dog-pile, Times.

  2. Thank you, Stephen! Love your show and love the way you support our troops [and that goes for Jon Stewart as well!].
    I still laugh when I recall you getting your head shaved when you were in Iraq. That was good!

  3. The AF Times, Stephen Colbert; it doesn’t matter. This issue needs addressed and the light upon it now has gained the attention of the right people.

  4. I was a MM MCCC back in the 70s. I went on from that assignment to do nuclear war planning at JSTPS. I know the power and consequences of the use of these weapons. I wish they had never been created and I wish they could be completely and permanently eradicated from the Earth, but I also know there is an ocean of difference between living in a world of wishes and living in the world as it is. As a result I’m dismayed at the erosion of performance standards in the nuclear force over recent years.

    Whether you like his mode of presentation or not Colbert is merely building a comedy routine on a reported news story. Would you rather only receive news that is agreeable to you?

    Whether you like or detest Fox News Colbert is merely embellishing his presentation with something that plays to a sentiment held by not a few people in this country. Would you rather live in a nation where everybody thinks just like you and/or we lack the ability to freely express personal opinions?

    Whether you believe Colbert personally holds either military members or Fox News in contempt is immaterial because he is a comedian and, in one form or another, comedy is always build upon amusement at the discomfort of somebody else.

    Fortunately, through no action on our part, we are victims of the happy accident to have been born in a country where Colbert is free to do what we do and AFT is free to post it on their website.

    Looking back on the experience nearly forty years later it is only the sad fact that a “peace” of sorts rested on the deterrent effect of our nuclear alert posture which I could cite as justifying the time I spent sitting under a Montana wheat field. To that end, the well documented erosion of performance in the US nuclear forces represents nothing less than a betrayal of a very special trust by a supposedly highly select group of individuals responsible for its custodianship.

    If it takes the pain of comedy to administer the medicine of correction, then who is served by skewering the messenger merely to avoid the message? It often works out in life that the things we least want to hear are also the things we most need to hear.

  5. I got it for “Combat Juggling”, sidewinder launching and receiving team. Team consist of “ate” players, my bad, “8” players, 1000 yards apart. no expert aiming, hey they are “sidewinders” okay?, receiving team must call “I got it” before receiving; otherwise this is a “too” yard, my bad, “two and 1/2 yard” penalty forward. *Note* A “sheen yard” is 6 inches, hahaha! Yeah, right! anyway the winner is the one wholauches correctly. Add that to your “combat juggling”. IIIIIIIIII Like it! 🙂

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