Commissary Rewards Card releasing mobile app


In celebration of commissaries going back to to their normal operating hours Aug. 19, you can now shop with something useful in your pocket.

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Starting tomorrow, the Commissary Rewards Card will celebrate its one-year anniversary by releasing a new mobile app for its users.

“[The app] will be available from the App Store Aug. 8 for customers who use the iPhone or iPad,” said Marye Carr, DeCA’s Rewards Card program manager, in a release.

“The app will allow you to access your account, select coupons and review clipped, redeemed and expired coupons, making it even easier to put your coupons to work for you.”

An Android version of the app will become available in the future, Carr said.

The app also allows shoppers to locate commissaries worldwide and access store information such as phone numbers and addresses.

More than 800,000 cards have been registered by shoppers, who have downloaded more than 8 million coupons so far, according to the release.  That means bigger savings, on top of the commissary’s routine savings of 30 percent or more.

“It’s not unusual for the Commissary Rewards Card to offer more than 120 coupons at any given time,” Carr said. “Check in daily for new coupons.”

To learn more about the card or to sign up for updates, including new coupon alerts, click here.



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