UPDATE: College students harass retired Gen. David Petraeus


In one of the most sickening displays of disrespect toward a veteran since the Vietnam War, students swore at and harassed retired Army Gen. David Petraeus, who recently began teaching a class at the City University of New York.

A video posted on YouTube titled “CUNY Students Confront War Criminal David Petraeus” shows Petraeus walking through a gauntlet of students who aggressively taunt him for close to 90 seconds.

“There’s blood all over you, I can smell it,” one student yells.

Petraeus, who served as the top U.S. commander in both Iraq and Afghanistan,  takes the abuse stoically despite attempts by the students to provoke him.

It is not clear if the taunting continued after the end of the video.

UPDATED: Ann Kirschner, dean of the Macaulay Honors College at CUNY, has issued a statement about the protests:

“Our university is a place where complex issues and points of view across the political and cultural spectrum are considered and debated in the hopes that we might offer solutions to the problems in our world.  In order to advance reasoned debate on such issues, it is important that multiple points of view be heard.

“Great universities strive to connect their students with remarkable leaders and thinkers so students can examine a variety of ideas, debate them, and form their own opinions.  Those perspectives find expression through discussion in and out of the classroom.

“We may disagree, but we must always do so in a spirit of mutual respect and understanding.  While the college supports the articulation of all points of view on critical issues, it is essential that dialogue within the academic setting always be conducted civilly.”


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  1. jessethebuilder on

    All it takes is putting on a uniform now? Petraus can’t be questioned because he went to work for Wall Street in a uniform?

    I guess George W. Bush and John Kerry are off limits too.

  2. The guy started and supported programs to help empower local Iraqi’s from preventing terrorist affiliated militants from executing old men in streets and bombing funerals. Sounds like a war criminal to me. No one is beyond reproach, but mob tactics and sophomoric University students who are still living off of daddy’s pocketbook are not to be taken seriously and are worthless entries into any civil debate.

  3. I’m from New York and served 7 honorable years in the United States Marine Corps… the state with the third most casualties in the Iraq war is New York… Marine Corporal Dunahm – the only Marine Medal of Honor recipient from the Iraq war is from NEW YORK – it has nothing to do with the fact that they’re from New York, it has EVERYTHING to do with the fact that they live in America: home of the FREE! and I can guarantee you that’s the only thing that kept Petraeus stone faced in this episode- the fact that he defended their right to do what they did to him and the irony of that fact! God bless this country and our rights, and God bless General Petreaus!

  4. Is this what our nation has become?
    These ignorant assholes who are probably getting an education on their mommy and daddy’s dollar.
    And they feel entitled enough to disrespect someone who defends their right to be overweight pricks.

  5. This is what it’s like for soo many service members. They stand up and fight for those that won’t. This man is a sheep dog, these kids are sheep. No sheep likes a sheep dog until the wolves come. The fact that these children have a strong leftist opinion, is a direct reflection of the universities professors. The children being educated on their parents dime can only use facts and statistics provided to them by the institution and the media. They simply cast blind judgment with no real world experience.

  6. Knowing Petaus personally I am disgusted. That man saved my butt, and cared for the troops at all times. Just cause kids are in college doesn’t mean they have anything worth a damn above their shoulders. Let’s see how these protesters would fair overseas.

  7. No one knows what orders a soldier is given, what things they are asked to endure, and it is easier to accept ignorance into your mind than it is to accept the truth in our hearts. These people have obviously never pondered the truth, and from their demeanor, only know hatred in their hearts. I commend the MAN on his strength and ability to restrain himself. I emphasize that he is a MAN because only true men act in the fashion he did, rather than those in the rest of the video who were quick to act, but slow to think. At this point in evolution, media, social networking, and as Americans still act in this manner, but qualm over the righteousness and behaviors of other countries should face ourselves in the mirror before exacting any judgement on another nation. Take into account that if this had happened in any other country, these people would have been taken down by police or military forces immediately. Freedom is something to fight for, not something to abuse. Freedom of the press, freedom to petition, freedom of speech all were given with one unwritten rule…intelligence, humility, and the understanding of the burden carried by those in high ranking positions is not understood by those who have never had to make decisions that change lives, and even sometimes ends lives. No one can truly understand the burden of command and the recourse of how the lives of the people who serve under them change based on their decisions until they themselves have actually held a command. I do not doubt this MAN has had to make a number of extremely difficult decisions in his career and i doubt any of these hecklers can say the same. If i could, i would apologize to this man on behalf of the people who believed it was their freedom right to heckle a man who actually fought so they would have that ability. I don’t say God Bless America, but rather God Bless the Men and Women who fight and protect our rights and those of others every day and apologize for the few, the unproud, the stupid.

  8. They said “every class David” indicating they will be doing that to him after every class. A group of people should also meet these people in the streets after every one of his classes to express their “feelings”

  9. Sick utterly sickens me the blatant lack of disrespect for this self
    Righteous entitled generation who have absolutely no respect for authority. Their parents must be soooooo proud. You’re not agree with what he did but for those student to behave thy way they did makes th look more asinine than anyone

  10. It’s not as sickening as his disgracing his office and leaving in a cloud of pathetic scandal. Petraeus is a real wrong number.

  11. Hmmm… I wonder how those students are able to act like that in public. Must be nice to be free and all, enjoying all the benefits provided by the blood, sweat, and tears of “war criminals.”

  12. What immature lowlifes those kids are. Petraus isn’t being questioned, but merely harassed by POS scumbags. If they are students, those are your tax dollars at work. They probably complain that they “have” to take out $100,000 in student loans for their degrees in social work.

  13. lol, if they only knew how little the opinions of armchair generals who have been at home their entire lives are to anyone who has served a tour overseas…

  14. Evidence of the power of media and other forces to shape the thoughts of the masses, just like North Korea. Was the novel 1984 predictive but just arriving late. The young people are just that, young, still very much like little children repeating the rants they’ve heard from powers that seek to utilize them for political gain. Repeating rants for their own attention, to make them feel a little more powerful in a big world, a little more important. Thank you for your service General.

  15. This is unbelievable. Being the wife of a retired military member and the mother of one, I am appauled at this display of disrespect and ignorance.

  16. If only those ignorant children had a clue about the world and the contributions of Gen Petraus. They should be thanking him for helping provide their right to freedom of speech. I’d love to see them spend a day in the Middle East.

  17. GEN Petraeus probably saved 10,000+ lives with the very humane and intelligent decisions he made on a daily basis in Iraq and Afghanistan. Watching him in command in his daily Commander’s Update Briefing was a lesson in how to question every military plan for its long-term effects on units, the nascent local governments and the local population. I can think of several occasions when the discussions were probably on a higher level – philosophically, politically and morally – than anything those poor CUNY students will ever experience.

  18. One poster wrote: “All it takes is putting on a uniform now? Petraus can’t be questioned because he went to work for Wall Street in a uniform?

    I guess George W. Bush and John Kerry are off limits too”

    It isn’t about being “off limits”. It is about a bunch of idiotic college students with absolutely zero knowledge about how the world works being incredibly disrespectful to a man who spent over 30 years to give them the right to protest.

    I’m pretty sure that if they wanted to talk to him he would have engaged them in a conversation. As it stands they look just like the young, liberal, opinionated idiots that they are.

  19. OneOfHisSoldiers on

    I worked under him during OIF 1, and this man is an honorable man. I would serve under him again in a heartbeat. Such a disgrace to disrespect a man who has done so much. It’s a shame that the people we defend show their gratitude in such a manner… ashamed of our youth.

  20. It makes me sick to think that people can say what they think and in a manner that I don’t agree with. It’s so un-American that it makes me want to scream.

  21. I can’t read Gen. Petraeus’s mind, but from what I hear of and have seen of his character – even in the midst of his very public failing – I can imagine him thinking something like this:

    “Hey kids, in many countries, you would be hauled off to jail and never heard from again for what you’re doing right now. I and countless others have put our lives on the line for this freedom, and I’m grateful that you can express your views loudly, publicly, and freely. I hope one day you will learn to recognize and appreciate the amazing freedom that you have.”

    And please brush your teeth in the future. Your breath stinks.

  22. U S Paratrooper on

    I served with this Soldier for many years and would trust my life to him, he is a true American hero and deserves respect for his sacrifices’, his private life is his business. Lets see how long those college students would last in a war zone, they should be thanking that Soldier for the freedom they have to attend college.

  23. What is sad is that CUNY attempts to defend this. There is a huge difference between civil discourse, intelligent debate, freedom of speech and what these morons did. Classic symptom of the loss of pride in ourselves and ‘lowering of the bar’ that CUNY would even acknowledge these people as students. Not an intelligent word uttered. Not a single shred of civility. I am embarrassed to call these buffoons Americans. We deserve better from our educational system. CUNY needs to stop being PC and step up to condemn these clowns both for their form and their substance.

  24. Still Embarrassed on

    I really have to wonder if these dopes would do this to President Obama….who is the one who ordered General Patreaus to go back to Iraq and clean up the mess. Probably not. I’m guessing his white skin has something to do with their willingness to be so rude to him. Sign o’ the times.

  25. Oh my God, watching that was gut wrenching. You all should be ashamed of YOURSELVES! You yelling at a man who volunteered to serve wherever his country asked. DISGUSTING! Go home.

  26. What he think was going to happen at such a liberal university? Doesn’t matter if it’s right or wrong, he put himself in that situation.

  27. Unbelievably disrespectful to any member of our military. You can bet there may be a few former soldiers out there who may take it upon themselves to show up there on campus to support General Petraeus. I’m just worried that if some former Marines show up it may get ugly very fast as Marines are big on respect.

  28. As a Disabled Combat Veteran, I have personally worked with and pulled security for General Petraeus when he was the Division Commander for 101ST Airborne/Assault Division. I have never like the person he was, his attitude, or the things that he did that were made public of his personal life. However, he was a great leader when it came to military warfare. Nothing that he has done deserves this kind of treatment. He served this country proud as a great leader eliminating hostile and terrorist activity. What needs to happen is for us troops from 101ST need to go in there and pull security around him now. A guarantee this nonsense won’t happen again. People, especially college students, always desire to have some form of confrontation in their life. To protest anything just to make a scene.

  29. Public officials are expected to receive a certain level of vile phrases uttered at them especially when one is a military officer of high rank. So the remarks are not the problem but the venue may be.
    If these students wanted an opportunity to vent then why not sign up for the course that he teaches. My guess is that in a classroom setting where people have paid for the right to listen, learn and question that the level of respect may be slightly more polite.

  30. I am sure there are a lot of things that can be debated about Gen Petraus as a person and leader. The problem is that civil discourse is a lost art in the social media age. No one wants to simply sit and talk and vet their differing opinions. We see it every day – online, on television, on blogs and, apparently, the streets near CUNY.

    The behavior and look of the protesters reminds me of the countless articles written about Millennials, the high cost of education (a real issue) and a weak job market. How it’s driving many back home. I’m sure all of these protesters have complained about it themselves, without realizing the root cause.

    These children are going to school in NY, not exactly the most cost effective city in the world. I would guess that more than a few of them are in some sort of art or political science curricula (and not STEM). They may have six figure debt that funds not just tuition, but perhaps a lifestyle that is a tad better than what a college undergrad should expect. I’m confident none have significant real world experience.

    Most will be posting this video on their Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Tumblr AND personal blog (you have to suspect that they have all of them going at once), along with some witty quote they plagiarized after a quick Google search. They’ll be congratulating one another, thinking they’re 21st century Abbie Hoffmans while wearing their vintage clothing and drinking PBR for the irony of it.

    And they’ll all be unemployed in 5 years, wondering why they’re not making $150K a year and getting promoted every 18 months. And we’ll know why. It’s because they’re jerks.

  31. Why this was allowed is amazing. I am sick!!!!! NOt one of those kids knows what battles, images, victories and defeats a soldier must face. Much less a man of Petreaus’ military history. How dare they make a mockery of a true American hero. Not every deed he did was perfect, whose is????? He was our defender in a hostile land, far from the comforts of home. I disagree with the things John McCain is doing lately. But I would never disrespect him. I don’t even talk ill of him in front of my children because they are to respect the uniform. If you disagree with his tactics, decisions, he civil about it. Also, those people were yelling “you have blood on you/your hands……blah blah blah” Well I wonder how many of those liberal, hippie, socialist retreads have committed murder in the name of convenience or SUPPORT those that do. Abortion is murder and it’s silencing an entire generation of innocent voices. So what about that?!?!?!?! Now who really has BLOOD on their hands?!?!?!?!

  32. This is a bias audience, there is only one opinion expressed here, and those that typed have had their say and it is in line with the mentality during or after Service to your Country.

    Although before you ostracize me for the opening sentence, take the time to read the rest.

    I implore you to post this in a different forum and you will see that the thoughts posted above will no longer remain the majority. That said, it is obvious that the days of reverence for our Grandfather’s and Father’s Sacrifice is gone, today is the time of handouts and “Give-me”, our failed political leaders, blunders, and the atrocities committed while in uniform have made their way into mainstream media and thus, popular belief.

    It can be explained simply, compare the amount of times you have seen the “Good” that has taken place in Iraq, or Afghanistan; now how many times have you seen the “Bad”? This is appalling, this is the outrage, and this is the Evidence.
    Incompetence, ignorance, and misinformation all lead to misunderstanding. This video is the future, figuratively, and literally as it so blatantly shows.

    Influence is the easiest form of deception to accept, we in uniform are fed this daily, since military infancy. If you want to make someone adopt your ideals you influence them into believing that your way of thinking is better than theirs, once this is achieved you have manipulated the outcome in favor of your agenda, it is a matter of context on whether it is considered wrong or not.

    We are subjected to this form of manipulation daily, it is in everything from our corrupt legal and monetary systems, to our entertainment, from politics and politicians, to education and it is not surprising to me that this moment took place, and then was posted for all to see.

    The unfortunate part is that these privileged few, lucky enough to share the same space as David Petraeus, let alone be taught something by him; will never know the horror that is War, and the reasons that the conflict has come to its most destructive resolution. They will only believe what is shown to them from whatever perspective it is meant to be seen.

    These “snot-nosed” few are entitled to believe, think, and say whatever they wish, and that is what makes America great, although it is saddening that this is someone else’s manipulation or influence that is spewing from their lips.

    Give me the opinion of a Patriot that served his
    Country “Proudly”, was discharged “Honorably”, and is again part of the civilian populace; that is the opinion that I believe holds water. I want to hear the opinion of someone who has experienced that which is war, loss, and sacrifice; I would like to hear what that person has to say about GEN Petraeus (Ret.).

    As for these Silver-spoon licking ingrates, let them fling their feces, it only shows the ignorance of today’s youth. No matter how much Mommy and Daddy pay for their Education they are forever captured in time wearing the proverbial “Dunce Cap”.

    To the “Opinionated Youth” that have represented yourselves so graciously; Way to go, way to exercise your unearned Freedom of Speech, you puppets, you morons. Enjoy the Kool-aid.

  33. John L (from Texas and currently in Afghanistan) on

    Petraeus saved American lives. He responded in-kind to terrorist attacks – bringing American civilians out of their CHU’s at Camp Hope, Baghdad, Iraq cheering…at 2300hrs.
    We heard America finally firing back and cheered him.

    He’ll always be a hero in my book.

  34. Couple of points:

    1) If you dismiss anything students say because they’re all airheads parroting whatever nonsense was pumped into them, then you have to dismiss them every time they praise the military too. If they’re so clueless, then you need to tell them to shut up whenever they say good things, because they don’t know what the fuck they’re talking about.

    Funny thing though, I never see that happen. Why is that? It’s because none of you care WHY they’re saying this, you only care WHAT they’re saying. You’re just dismissing them for being negative, which leaves your complaints empty.

    I’d also like to point out that if students are airheads because of their age, then so are most soldiers, for the same reason. Hope you’re telling young soldiers to shut up with their “opinions” whenever they open their mouths on anything.

    2) If people can’t complain because they’ve never served, then people should all have to praise the Nazis, yes? They were military and apparently military = always good. Or, given the previous point, are people unable to say ANYthing about the military since they’ve never been?

    I’d like all of you to practice that in your own lives. Can’t criticize abortion unless you’ve had one. Can’t complain about gays unless you are one. Can’t comment on evolution unless you’re a scientist. Can’t complain about any issue or profession unless you’ve been part of it for years. That means everybody needs to shut the fuck up about almost everything.

    I don’t care if people praise or spit on the military. What I hope is that people’s opinions are as informed as possible so that discussion and debate is intelligent and effective. People need to stop thinking that emotions = informed opinions. Evil occurs in the world, and it’s helped by people who blindly hold opinions without ever trying to justify them.

  35. I love how a lot of these comments are calling these ADULTS “children”, and assuming that they’re in college on “their parents dime”. First, they’re adults, stop being silly. Second, like most ALL of my friends, WE ARE PAYING FOR OUR OWN EDUCATIONS, both undergraduate and medical school. But, even if that wasn’t the case, what the hell does that have to do with anything? You’re saying if you’re not fronting the cash for a higher education, you’re not entitled to be vocal about your opinion (regardless if you agree with their view or not)? That’s nonsense. Stop being slaves to your emotional reactions, because then you’re no better than what you’re claiming to be upset about in this video.

  36. Wait a minute…
    1). cheating on your wife is not honorable.
    2). not all students who have their education paid for by their parents are jerks.

  37. Call the office of the Chancellor and let him know you think those students should be expelled. 646.664.9100. Just rude and disrespectful.

  38. I worked under General Petraeus with the 101st Airborne in Iraq and I can promise you there is no greater leader. People make mistakes in life and things happen. He is still a great man, an amazing leader, and to those students giving him hell, he has done more for his country and others they they ever will. Warrior Raider Rakkasans!!!

  39. These people have no clue , this is why the draft should still be affect, send half of them to get some disclipline and respect taught them

  40. Jacqueline Bagdadi on

    Really, they disrespect a soldier that put his life on the line for our country. people have the right to protest for whatever they want but they do no have the right to disrespect others and even harass him since you see him trying to get away from these disrespectful students and they follow him yelling obscene words. I a person doesn’t agree with war or the way things are done he can express his opinion, but from there to disrespect another who went to fight for our country, that had to face horrible things, far from his family and home to defend this land that goes beyond the scope of freedom of speech. that freedom that these students have, has been given to us by soldiers like the one they disrespected on this video

  41. Love him or hate him, this man served his country for 30+ years and does not deserve this. Everyone knows civilians run the military. They authorized everything we do. Go vent at them. This is a shame.

  42. Wasn’t really satisfied with Kirschner’s weak response to this incident.
    I understand the concept of free speech but this is deplorable, juvenile and completely unproductive.

    Are we really that afraid to condemn the nasty actions of others?
    Grow up and grow a pair.

    For any who wish to send a note respectfully expressing their dismay:


  43. Disrespectful children! If they are going to mock him, then they had better mock all of the presidents involved, and that includes Obama.

  44. Absolutely disgusting…I can’t help but feeling rage against these spoiled children who have no respect…even if you disagree with what this man did for our country, this is the ugliest and most immature way to convey your feelings…it sais much more about you ignorant idiots than it does about him…if this is the way you are trying to prove your point you are absolutely wrong…it will never help you achieve anything worthwhile! Shame on you, you ugly little humans!

  45. As a Gold star wife I know the pain of war and the cost of freedom of speech. I lost my husband during operation OEF. He worked directly for Petraus and Petraus failed our family on a personal level. Every soldier who serves knows that one of the fundamental rights that make us a great nation is the right to express ourselves. I don,t think freedom of speech should be confused with manners and decency. The students juvenile outburst with lack of decorum will only be remembered for the lack of manners versus the message they wished to convey. Shame on you… As a parent.. I would beat your asses for the way you expressed yourself… not for your message. As a wife of a fallen soldier.. my husband would have said.. I serve equally for all Americans even the ones I don’t agree with. Carry on!

  46. Spoiled rotten children…sit down and shut up! You are ignorant of what this man has been through. When you have a squeaky clean slate of your own and have served to protect our freedoms as he has, then you shall have a voice. Walk in his shoes before you open your mouth. I too, as the mother of a Marine, am quite saddened by your lack of respect for this man.

  47. When I see this, all it does it remind me that US citizens are free to express their opinions, even in such a low class way as this, because of that man’s service as well as the service of the generations who served in our military who came before him.

  48. there are hundreds of thousands of vets that would follow this man anywhere and i hope that if the students keep harassing him that vets show up to create a wall this man to walk to work without having these knuckleheads being in his path

  49. Makes me sick to see such disrespect to one of the greatest leaders this country has had in many, many years. General Patreaus has led so many good men and did the job that needed to be done…and he did an amazing job. It’s ok for so many that there are great people who risk their lives every day for your freedom and safety, whereby most sit at home in the comfort of their home and all this society cares about are scandals. So what, he cheated on his wife…why do you care…what problem does it cause you? This should be an issue between him and his wife – nobody else’s business. Go on with your own life and pray that someone will fight for your freedom. There is no excuse for disrespect and rudeness….these students should be expelled to set an example that we won’t allow a war hero to be treated like dirt.

  50. Agree with a lot of peoples views especially point 54… They are completely ignorant to what he has been through..

    I hope they got thrown out off their course for harassing a lecturer.. This would not be tolerated at in the UK.

  51. What else would one expect from students at a fourth-tier university? Many probably barely graduated high school, and the intellectual caliber of the jeering suggests they shouldn’t have.

  52. Petreaus may be a great military planner and executor, but as a former soldier I wonder how many careers he destroyed of issues of adultery? Of course, because of his rank, (and believe me I have seen other GOs get off) he got off scott free. He is a liar and a cheater.

    Lastly he never had the guts to tell George Bush there were no wmd, just like all the other senior leaders. The American people were lied to and “leaders” like Petreaus kept silent, nothing but a glory hound.

    No I have little respect for the good general.

  53. Did not see this on any news channel but Fox. Typical left media. These idiots spewing filth apparently grew up in a home with no respect for authority or gratitude–it’s all about themselves. Would love to see them spend a few days in Iraq or Syria–they might be scared into some good sense!! Agree with #56 bob–get our vets (my husband gave thirty years of our lives to the mililtary) to shield the General across the street. You don’t get to have 4 stars on your shoulders unless you are dedicated, brilliant, and ready to give your life for our country.

  54. *THIS* is the best and brightest of a generation? Come on CUNY, if this group is representative of your institution, then you are in serious trouble. These idiots have no idea what they are talking about and are making a mockery of CUNy, their families and themselves.

  55. The dean’s response is reflective of how so many of these kids were raised: with parents who never took them to task for their behavior, but justified their wrongdoings. The statement by the dean speaks volume about her own hesitancy to take on the decidedly uncivil behavior of her own students, choosing to give us 2 paragraphs of justification, following it up with a very pathetic plea at the end for civility. Nothing in the behavior of these students showed any sign “considering,” debating, or showing “mutual respect or understanding.” Perhaps she needs to face the disconnect between the ideals she claims the university values, and the behavior of the students they’ve accepted into their school.

  56. Don’t hate the military. Hate you’re government. At least the military will put their life on the line for other peoples service.

    This truly is sad. The military is the arm of the government and the way that works is.. young people vote in their leaders… the leaders do what the people want. If they don’t like what they are doing they have an obligation to rise against their leaders. It is a constitutional right.

    The military is the arm of the people and they go where the people send them.
    Don’t hate the military. Hate you’re government. At least the military will put their life on the line for other peoples service.

  57. This man should teach at a service academy – like West Point or possibly at an ivy league school like Harvard. Clearly there are imbeciles attending the City College of NY. What a waste. He would be greatly respected if he taught at a service academy. The students there could actually learn a lot from this man.

  58. If they only had a clue; these students could have used some real discipline. They don’t have any idea what it takes daily to defend the country they live in and where they can have the right to protest as they did without any consequences to the act of disrespect they bestowed upon someone who put his life and the lives of many just to earn them that right.

  59. Agree with most points made. The man is human. Many dont understand or cant relate to the fact that individuals in high positions such as the General are isolated. Life at the top can and will get lonely. Who can understand what they are going through? Who can relate? Who can they turn to? The General has sacrificed a normal life for a life of service for his country. Every path to the top leaves in its wake collateral damage. That’s just how it is. That’s life. Wonder if those kids remember Bill and Monica and how Clinton lied about his affair under oath. Guess they also support our current president who will not take responsibility for anything. Patreus took responsibility for his actions and resigned. Thats Honorable.

    That school official should be ashamed of himself for validating that kind of behavior under the guise of “mutual respect and understanding”. Guess the school admins parents failed him as much as the parents have failed in raising those entitled brats. Hope those kids are identified so future employers who value and expect honor, responsibility and maturity pass those heathens over for more qualified individuals.

    Patreus’s talents are wasted at this school. He’d be a much greater asset to any of our country’s millitary universities.

  60. How proud their parents must be…”look honey, we’ve raised a real moron.”

    If they are students, they need to be punished b/c there is a line between discussion and harassment.

  61. It is easy to express one’s opinion in a free environment, even though you never donned the uniform of “Sentry”. That “Sentry” fought and maintained our country while serving his time in the “sand box” and other undisclosed locations, witnessing the devastation that other forms of government created and maintained, yet he is the criminal? Is he the criminal that allowed you to mimic him in public when in other countries you would have been executed? Is he the criminal that has allowed this society to rotten from the inside allowing same sex marriages, homosexuals in the military, abortion, support for our enemies’ counterpart (Syria), etc? You all still refer to him as a criminal? I too donned that uniform and contributed to the decay of OUR society. I fought alongside him and many other warriors in order to allow what’s politically correct over ride common sense, a president not honor his country as he should (placing his right hand over his heart when the pledge of allegiance is read), a first lady that supported another country during the Olympics, yet did not support her own, a president that take extravagant vacations overseas on tax payer’s money, yet see our federal and state budget cut, etc, yet you call this man a criminal. In truth we all are criminals if we donned the uniform and secured our blessed country. “In GOD we trust”, nothing else. May GOD forgive us and bless us.

  62. General Petraeus , you will always be a General and no matter what those liberal @#$$%^&@ say, they will never understand. Be proud that you gave a lifelong service to our country while others don’t even contribute 1% of their entire worthless life. I never meet you nor did I ever have a chance to serve with you, but anyone who has donned our uniform (past, present and future) from the rank of E-1 to 5 Star will always be my sister or brother in arm. My life I give to you all that have shed the sweat and blood of a warrior. My life I give to you to the one that looked up at the night sky and wondered if their love ones are seeing the same sky. My life I give to you all to the ones that thirsted and longed for a glass of cool water when everything else seems insignificant. My life I will give to those that have given some, yet I WILL GIVE MORE TO THOSE THAT HAVE GIVEN EVERYTHING. I stand erect and salute those of you. GOD BLESS us all!

  63. I am shocked and saddened by the display of ignorance and self-riotousness of these “children”. I hesitate to call them anything other than children because their behavior leads me to believe that their frontal cortexes have not yet reached maturity. I CAN NOT believe after all this country has been through and what our soldiers have done for this country by protecting our rights, freedom, ability to walk down the street freely, that these “children” can even look themselves in the mirror. Have we as a society regressed? This unequivocally proves that just because you attend college or graduate from college that you are in no way educated or have sense. At the very least they should have ended with a thank you, because it is men and women like Gen. David Petraeus, my Husband, my Grand-Father, my Grand-Mother, my Brother, and my Uncle and so many others, that have made it possible for them to speak freely without fear of persecution. I think that the General came out of this looking like the epitome of a soldier and a gentleman, taking one for the team. Thank you to all who serve and may you not judge all of America by those who are so ignorant.

  64. Excellent job of not taking the bait! That level of personal discipline is something those little chicken s–t punks will never know! The University administration is a friggin’ joke… “We may disagree, but we must always do so in a spirit of mutual respect…” THAT is mutual respect?

  65. Gen (Ret) Petraeus has always been able to maintain his bearing… Those college punks need to join the military and actually see what it is to serve your country… until they see what we see and do what we do, they need to appreciate what we do as service members to help protect their rights. If it wasn’t for GEN (Ret) Petraeus and every other service member past and present, they probably wouldn’t have ben able to that right to do what they did…

  66. Petraeus was my Brigade commander many years ago. What a personable officer he was. Always was there in the field observing with interest the training of his soldiers. Completely approachable with an open door policy. He let leaders do their job with no micromanagement. His kind of leadership fostered initiative by all of his subordinates. Though it must have been trying for him to walk amongst these libturds that know no appreciation for anything and probably still are sucking on their parents tits, God only knows that he was probably smiling the entire time inside. David knows that all bad deeds do not go without a return of sorts. David knows they will encounter retribution sooner or later in one way or another of their own accord. I’m quite sure not one of those useless turdbuckets knows what hard work is nor would they have fortitude to leave their little bubble of life. Those students need to be taken to Harlem or the Bronx and dropped off with no cell phones or means to communicate. See how quickly they’ll drop to their nears and cry for their mama. Gen Petraeus, God bless you.

  67. Look at the pictures and videos of GEN (ret) Petraeus walk through the streets of Baghdad with no body armor on and received less harassment. The funny thing is he held sick children, and exacted the right combat power on the right people to stop the violence against those children. I remember him personally coming to our base and thanking us for removing a terrorist that would kill children for taking food from us. I love how the educated think they are just that, I sleep well at night knowing how many people I have helped not how many people I’ve engaged in combat.

  68. The general has a stronger constitution then I would ever have had. Being a combat warrior with a short fuse I would probably be in jail for breaking at least 4 of their miserable necks (women included) for their actions. Just like the movie line….”Don’t question the way I provide you the ability to sleep safe at night UNLESS you are willing to grab a gun and stand a watch…” Otherwise just say “thank you” and shut the hell up…

  69. This is plain idiotic. These students have no idea what it means to serve their country and how to respect those that have. This makes me sick. How about you honor one of the men that made it ok for you to disrespect him. Get a life and have some god damn respect.

  70. General Petreaus was my commanding officer in the 101st. After leaving the army I began doing diplomatic security. During that time I have had the chance to be around General Petreaus in Iraq and Afghanistan. I have the upmost respect for him. Unfortunately I am in Afghanistan at the moment or I might be tempted to round up a squad of Rakkasans and wait around for the next time those college students decide to express themselves. I think we’d probably probably have to express ourselves back.

  71. What was the purpose of the harassment? What did they hope to gain by attacking a man walking alone on a street in New York? They need to take all that energy to Washington – oh… that would require actual effort so I guess not.

  72. Funny thing is half of the students in the video were either of Asian or Indian decent? they know nothing about war nor what happens when they are there. they are probably on Federal Aid which is provided by the government due to the troops. With myself and others over there fighting for this country there would be no such thing as Federal Aid. I think the asian gal who was in his face needs to put some boots on and go fight instead of living off a country she never had the right to live in.

  73. According to the Macaulay Honor College “Honors Intergrity Pledge” (http://macaulay.cuny.edu/community/handbook/policies/honors-integrity/), which all students must sign and agree to, these students (if they actually are Macauley College students) should be subject to disciplinary recourse. The policy states clearly:

    “I will treat all members of the University community with civility and respect, regardless of national or ethnic origin, religious or social affiliation, heritage, disabilities, sexual orientation, race, gender, or political affiliation.”

    Further, that violation of this integrity policy can result in dismissal from the school.

    I’m curious why Dean Kirschner hasn’t made this more clear and used it as an opportunity to demonstrate the meaning of honor as it applies to their mission as an educational institution.

  74. such disrespect…………… your parents and Ann Kirschner, your dean must be so proud of you. I for one am ashamed for your behavior. General Petreaus, please accept my apology for the ignorance of these students. I want to thank you for your service to our country.

  75. What restraint, what dignity, what posture – signs of a true professional. He continues to display many traits (honor, respect, dignity) which are highly sought after within the American society, of which the protesters have non of…! As a Soldier, he to followed orders of which only he knows, his service to our country is a credit to our nation and should never be questioned. Those “children” are able to express their freedom of speech thanks to our American Soldiers and Civilians who support our Nation day after day. General (Ret.) Petraeus should be given the respect he deserves and those “children” should be questioned about their present and future contributions to our Military, Society and Country.

  76. Protest is protest and debate is debate. This display of hooliganism, immaturity, and poor judgement (I could certainly go on) is neither. They’d reach more people with organized protest, intelligent conversation, and even stopping him to question him rationally than with this disgraceful behavior. People are most assuredly entitled to their opinions, but obviously these kids (and they are kids, make no mistake about it – emotionally if not chronologically) aren’t mature enough to deliver said opinions in a more socially acceptable manner. And as for CUNY’s response – equally immature and equally disgusting. Especially since that’s his employer!!

  77. to Anyone who criticizes these students’ right to free speech, congratulations. you are what’s wrong with america.

    no power may be questioned, all wars are to “protect our freedom”, and no official is subject to any questioning. this is not what our country is supposed to be and this type of thinking will ensure its destruction in a miserable fashion. pathetic.

  78. This university has public safety guidelines and what was observed is young people acting like vigilanties and university personnel deserve to be protected. http://www.csi.cuny.edu/publicsafety/index.htm
    These students were wrong and should be disciplined. This man is still a respected retired officer of the United States of the Army and should be protected. It is our responsibility as Americans to make sure he is protected

  79. Funny thing about this is that if those students were harassing someone about their sexual orientation or ethnic back round with even half of the intensity that they displayed, they would be labeled as bullies, and probably be put on academic probation, and/or expelled. But since they chose a target that was strong enough to take it, they are just viewed by the school as “expressing themselves.” The school’s response to this was pathetic.

  80. These comments are revolting:

    1) Being in the military automatically means you’re a hero who protects freedom no matter what you do, even if it involves terrorizing countries who pose absolutely no threat to the US.

    2) People who disagree with the wars are filthy immigrants, living off their parents, or otherwise assumed to be somehow wasting tax money (unlike the trillions of dollars poured into an over-bloated military machine which is destined to bankrupt America leaving it at the mercy of the rest of the world).

    Stay classy, military boys.

  81. The students at Macaulay College are terribly embarrassing and disrespectful to the general. They are ignorant to the facts and the reality of the situation. Everyone thinks they have a ’cause’ – why, I don’t know. These students have no cause! General Petraeus was invited to teach the students – and is doing so for $1 pay. These students need to get out of the way for others who want to learn and to listen and can show appropriate respect for a general.

  82. I’m sure after completing this activity the students went to a local elementary school to discuss why bullying is wrong. This reminded of a group of school yard bullies picking on the fat kid.

  83. John the Soldier on

    Gutless college students who are probably too afraid to ever take a real stand, PUT ON THE UNIFORM OF THIS COUNTRY, and really make a difference. Which one of these yellow, gutless, misguided losers will ever point to that YouTube video and show it to their children or grandchildren? “Hey, look at what I did with a bunch of my loser friends…” I don’t think so, but who knows.

  84. Their is nothing wrong with protesting, if it is a peaceful protest. This could have been very bad, since there seemed to be a mob mentality to this. These students supported by the University, as addressed by the faculty response. They will be the first to cry for help when there is a disaster such as World Trade Center, and Katrina, Sandy but won’t get there hands dirty. I am not saying they need to shut up. Be respectful because you look like idiots instead of the educated people you supposedly represent. People don’t forget. They haven’t forgotten Hanoi Jane nor should they. Be respectful to all people not just you friends you never know who is going to save your ass. The good General would try to save anyone of them but they would not lift a finger to save even there closest friend I would bet.

  85. as a CUNY student (opposed to this incident mind you) id just like to say, if only the commenters here know who those protesters (actually rioters) were.. theyd probably just laugh at your face if you thought they were liberal..

  86. General Petraeus handled himself far better than most people would have while being taunted by the student mob. He has done more for his country in one day than any of the mob will do in their entire lifetime. Perhaps if any of the “students” had the ability to read and took the time to digest the pages of Linda Robinson’s book “Tell Me How This Ends” they would not have been so horribly disrespectful to a true American hero. Thanks General for every thing you have done for this country and for everything you did to try and facilitate a positive outcome during your service in Iraq.

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