Cadets use life support training in real-world crisis


Two Air Force Academy cadets said they fell back on their basic life support training when they witnessed a car crash around midnight Oct. 13.

Sophomores Zach Morrow and John Kolbo were about five miles from the academy when they saw an SUV smash through a guard rail on I-25 and into a light pole, according to a news release.

“The front of the SUV was completely crumpled in, the left tire was gone and the air bag had deployed,” Morrow was quoted as saying. They stopped to try to help.

Morrow said he relied on Self Aid Buddy Care training from just a month before to aid the driver, who was panicking when they reached him.

“We treated him for shock and focused on calming him down so he could catch his breath,” Morrow said.

The pair said they were able to keep calm during the ordeal because of the training, according to the release. All airmen get such instruction.

“Prior to the academy, I had no medical training,” Morrow said in the news release. “Looking back, I’m really happy with how Kolbo and I were able to stay calm and look at the situation from a logical standpoint. The driver of the SUV thanked us for helping him.”


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