Air Force Chief of Staff takes part in Mustache March

Courtesy of Betty Welsh

Welsh mustache 2 Courtesy of Betty Welsh

When it comes to boosting morale, Chief of Staff Gen. Mark Welsh goes all out.

This is a man who donned a Captain America mask last year as part of his “Captain Airpower” persona.

Some smirked, but Welsh didn’t care. He loves airmen and he is passionate about airpower. If you don’t get it, you don’t get it.

Most recently, Welsh has declared that this Mustache March will be one for the ages. The Major Commands are competing for the honors of top mustache.

Welsh is in the game too. His wife Betty recently posted pictures on Facebook showing her husband sporting stubble under the nose. He still has a long way to go before looking like Brig. Gen. Robin Olds, the legendary badass whose handlebar mustache makes Kaiser Wilhelm look like Moby.

If you have a picture of your awesome mustache, feel free to post it in the comment section. Be warned: pictures must be clean and in good taste.


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  1. That ‘stache looks slightly out of regs, and I fully support it! The base-level uniform police have already been making sure everyone knows the AFI/regs on facial hair, and kind of killed the fun before it even started though.

  2. The base-level fun police have already sent out the facial hair reg as a reminder. Kinda took the wind out of a few people’s sails. =(

  3. Peck’s moustache started with Moustache March a few years ago and has helped with the promotion of his Osprey published USAF military history book, America’s SECRET MiG Squadron. Check out the web site for a picture and more details. Email to arrange for an autographed copy or purchase from
    Peck is currently the F-15C and F-22 subject matter expert civilian academic instructor at the USAF Weapons School at Nellis.

  4. I think instead of worrying about his facial hair in order to bond with the troops the Chief should spend more time explaining why the service is getting rid of recently-pinned on Colonels but retaining passed-over Lieutenant Colonels. Love our priorities.

  5. CW4 Ed Hayes, USA Ret on

    About time command appreciated the effect of a well groomed mustache. /Users/edwardhayes/Desktop/Photos Military/D Blue Askance.aspx.jpg

  6. Lt Col Heidi Clark-Sutton on

    Sir, this is the kind of morale-building event the force needs (not roll calls singing Sam Small.). Thank you for setting the example and having fun!

  7. I think everyone knows the policy regarding facial hair. It seems a little ridiculous to be trying so hard to enforce this particular policy and, as Jake mentioned — dampening the spirits of good fun. Walking around any base any day of the week — I could cite 10 unirform discrepancies, whether it be hair too long, too bulky, colors that don’t exist in nature, purses not within standards, uniforms too tight or don’t match, and no hat. I don’t even know what to say about the [lack of] weight standards these days. No one seems to be correcting these … why not? How about lighten up and join the Chief in some good fun. Correct the uniform discrepancies EVERY DAY at your base when you see them.

  8. Mr. Thomas Doran on

    HOOAHH!!! Great idea, Sir!! Too bad that I had JUST trimmed mine back some on Monday morning because it was driving me crazy, and then when I got to work I saw the message about your challenge…

  9. I applaud the effort, but I would hope we could spend some more time fixing the AFPC debacle than worry about promoting birth control.

  10. Lt Col D.S.Smith on

    The members of the 436 Dental Sq are cultivating follicles as I type; I think we may have a few contenders.

  11. Now that’s some real “leadership” AF, hope it instills some values back in your Officer Corps. (I actually find it beneath the office and an embarrassment, but I’m probably just too old fashioned, right?) -Army

  12. I guess 20% of the force can’t participate – way to go in creating an AF-wide sanctioned competition which is as ridiculous as it is discriminatory and exclusive. Bravo – every time I see a co-worker with dirt above their lips, I will be reminded that I am still not welcome in this Air Force in 2014.

  13. “I would hope we could spend some more time fixing the AFPC debacle than worry about promoting birth control.”

    Good one Sledge.

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