Divorced female in the Air Force?

Photo courtesy wpafb.af.mil

Photo courtesy wpafb.af.mil

Are you a female enlisted airman who is going through or has gone through a divorce? How have you been coping with the changes? Have you reached out to resources such as a chaplain or a military family life consultant?

If you’d like to share your story, email opawlyk@airforcetimes.com or comment below. Your comments may be used in an upcoming Air Force Times story.


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  1. Ma’am,

    I’m curious as to what you are writing about regarding divorced females in the Air Force. I am a divorcee and interested in what story you are trying to tell.


  2. Maybe you should cover the 6,791 divorced enlisted women in the USAF (48,899 total in Active Duty) vs the 12,443 enlisted men (213,174 total in Active Duty) (notice the disparity?). Nearly 70% of divorces are initiated by women, with the numbers near 90% of divorce initiators being women when both have a bachelor’s degree or higher. The current legal system (family & divorce court agreements) greatly benefiting women might have something to do with it.

  3. Just wondering why you are only interested in enlisted Airmen’s story? Is there something unique enlisted Airmen endure vs officers?

  4. I would also like to inquire about your article, as I know someone who is a divorcee and still in the Air Force.


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