The summer blockbuster: Budget battles over the A-10



Hangar 30, a video production firm that specializes in work for the Defense Department, just released this “trailer” on the A-10 budget battles in Congress, asking the question: Will Bacon be Fried?

The latest on the fight: A group of lawmakers this week vowed to craft amendments to the defense authorization bill to prevent the Air Force from cutting the Warthog.



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  1. Save the warthog. No other aircraft can do the attack mission like the a10. The f16 f15 f35 cannot take the place of that platform. None of them are protected with armor or have a cannon that can do what a 30mm depleted uranium shell does. Cancel a few of the plagued f35s and keep the hog till a replacement is produced… Our enemies are watching as our government lets this great country grow weak.

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