Air Force to seek commercial sponsors


photo buckleyThe Air Force announced April 1 that it would seek to expand its fiscal 2016 budget by selling commercial sponsorships much in the way NASCAR operates.

The plan — which outlines sponsorship prices ranging from $1 million for an aircraft to $250 for a bomb or missile — has garnered congressional support for the first time in years. Even airmen could find themselves wearing commercial logos.

“We fully support the proposal,” one senator said. “Plus, we might get first crack at getting our names on a plane. Think about the campaigning possibilities; what says ‘I support the troops’ better then slapping your name on them while they’re in combat?”

Buckley Air Force Base in Colorado, for example, has reached out to major golf ball manufactures to get their logos added to the radomes, which the community already refers to as “golf balls.”

“Buckley AFB is a success story by turning bland, white radomes into billboards,” chief financial officer Gen. Benjamin Stacks, said. “This is a prime example of upholding the core value of Service Before Self. I feel the Airmen will embrace this change whole heartedly, and be proud to put on a uniform that shows their support to local business.”

Note from Buckley Facebook post: This is an April’s Fool’s Day parody and is not intended to endorse any specific company or organization. All logos used in the photos are owned by their individual companies.


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