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So the question has to be asked: What is in a holiday stocking from the chief of staff? I assume it’s full of challenge coins and PowerPoint presentations about Air Force core values on Pentagon-use approved flash drives, but I could be wrong. Any ideas? Leave your guesses, intelligent or otherwise, in the comment section. Also, ever wonder what the chief looks like dressed down? Now you don’t have to wonder.

[youtube][/youtube] The good people at Next Media Animation are always quick on the draw when it comes to the latest news out of DoD. Here is their take of the recent downing of an Air Force Sentinel drone over Iran. The military says it’s unclear how the drone crashed in Iran. The Iranians claimed to have shot the stealthy drone out of the sky.

[youtube][/youtube] I’ve seen this movie before. It’s the one with all the harsh Massachusetts accents and Kevin Costner. The Russians start sending arms to Cuba and all the sudden the world is on the brink of total annihilation.  Gen. Curtis LeMay even graces the scene as one of the main agitators trying to push that Kennedy guy to bomb Cuba and their commie allies back to the stone age. Russia Today reports that Russia and Cuba are starting to rekindle the old flame. Russia, according to the State-funded news outlet, is sending arms to Cuba and it seems like they…

There is nothing cool about losing a $30 million aircraft. But a couple good things did come from the F-15 crash near Nellis Air Force Base, Nev., in October: the pilot ejected without injury and Airman 1st Class Daniel Hughes managed to snap some nifty photos of the cleanup process. You can read more here. Click on photos to download the high-res version.

Stephen Colbert has always taken time to cheer up and support the troops, even traveling to Baghdad, donning a universal camouflage pattern suit and declaring victory in the  Iraq War in 2009. And last week he did it again, only this time he had some very pointed criticism for those in Congress who have supported cutting Tricare benefits for veterans as a way of reducing America’s debt burden. During his regular segment “The Word,” Colbert called on the nation’s “1 percent” to sacrifice more for the good of the country. “Everybody’s talking about it,” Colbert said. “There is a tiny…

Former Air Force Falcons standout Chad Hall put together 20 of the Philadelphia Eagles 391 yards in last night’s 17-10 win over the New York Giants. The Eagles activated Hall from the practice squad last Wednesday after star receiver Jeremy Maclin was injured. Hall told the Eagles’ website that the game helped him get his feet back. “It felt great. We got the W and there is no better feeling than that. I got back in the groove and it felt good to help,” said Hall. “They gave me pretty much the same package as last year — a little…

[youtube][/youtube] The news that the U.S. Air Force has bunker-buster bombs bad-ass enough to penetrate 60 meters of reinforced concrete was seen as a direct threat to the alleged Iranian underground nuclear weapons labs. This wasn’t lost on the good folks at Next Media Animation, the people who brought you the famous Tiger Wood reenactment and Gadaffi with burning, satanic eyes. Enjoy your moment in the Taiwanese sun, U.S. Air Force.

The Air Force Personnel Center in San Antonio had a good turnout for that city’s Marathon on Sunday. All told, 99 members of the AFPC family — civilians, airmen and their family members — made it out. Nineteen ran the big one: the full 26.2 miles. Another 80 ran the half marathon. You can read more here.

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