Author Jill Laster

When “Beavis and Butthead” ended its run in the late ’90s, did you shake your fist and go, “Man, I wish they had done an episode about unmanned aircraft!” Well, a decade or so later, you’re finally in luck. The title characters of the cult MTV  show — which returned last month after 14 years off the air — visited a military base during their latest episode, which aired Thursday. Without getting too “spoiler-y,” the two get lost while looking for a bathroom and end up in the unoccupied control room for what appears to be Predators. If you’re a fan…

Tired of reality shows about singing and terrible three-camera comedies? Try a dark comedy featuring drone pilots in Nevada. FX is developing Drones, about UAV  pilots “who commute to war,” Deadline Hollywood reports. Of course,  I’ll always prefer to get UAV-related humor from Twitter.