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[youtube][/youtube] Youtube user “PastYears” just uploaded this video of a Lockheed EC-121T Warning Star Super Constellation taking off for the first time in, according to the cameraman, 15 years. Pretty nice look at history. The Air Force retired the last EC-121 in 1978.

“Didn’t we make a bet that you said when we finally came out of Iraq you’d let me shave your head one more time?” General Raymond Odierno asked Stephen Colbert, during Odierno’s second appearance on the Colbert Report. “No we did not!” Colbert said grinning ear to ear with an audience cheering in the background “DO IT , DO IT , DO IT!” Giggling, Colbert said, “Unless the President is about to appear on that screen behind you, with all do respect you can go to hell.” (at about the 4 minute mark) Gen. Odierno and Colbert also brushed up…

[youtube][/youtube] The good people at Next Media Animation are always quick on the draw when it comes to the latest news out of DoD. Here is their take of the recent downing of an Air Force Sentinel drone over Iran. The military says it’s unclear how the drone crashed in Iran. The Iranians claimed to have shot the stealthy drone out of the sky.

Stephen Colbert has always taken time to cheer up and support the troops, even traveling to Baghdad, donning a universal camouflage pattern suit and declaring victory in the  Iraq War in 2009. And last week he did it again, only this time he had some very pointed criticism for those in Congress who have supported cutting Tricare benefits for veterans as a way of reducing America’s debt burden. During his regular segment “The Word,” Colbert called on the nation’s “1 percent” to sacrifice more for the good of the country. “Everybody’s talking about it,” Colbert said. “There is a tiny…

[youtube][/youtube] The news that the U.S. Air Force has bunker-buster bombs bad-ass enough to penetrate 60 meters of reinforced concrete was seen as a direct threat to the alleged Iranian underground nuclear weapons labs. This wasn’t lost on the good folks at Next Media Animation, the people who brought you the famous Tiger Wood reenactment and Gadaffi with burning, satanic eyes. Enjoy your moment in the Taiwanese sun, U.S. Air Force.

This photo moved on the wire this week. It was military appreciation day at the Century Link Field in Seattle over the weekend and, a C-17 from the 446th Airlift Wing out of Joint Base Lewis McChord did a flyover before the Seahawks beat the Ravens. Also at the game, Staff Sgt. Angie Johnson of the Air National Guard band Sidewinder performed the National Anthem. Sidewinder will disband as the result of restructuring in the Guard. (See my story here.) Video after the jump.

[youtube][/youtube] Kids always get excited when they see big gift-wrapped boxes with their names on them. But no matter how big or extravagant the gift, they always seem to get tired of playing with it at some point. Well, this little guy got a present that won’t be so quickly discarded and one he won’t forget, thanks to YouTube.

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