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The sun’s polarity may be changing, but Air Force Space Command says it has these effects under control. According to the Colorado Springs Gazette, the a sun’s magnetic field is set to reverse — something that happens about once every 11 years. Tom Roeder reports: The change is frequently accompanied by severe solar storms, which can fry electrical circuits, overpower radio signals and turn satellites into space junk. Brig. Gen. David Buck, operations director for Space Command at Peterson Air Force Base said the military’s satellites can weather the storm. “It messes with the environment (in space) more than…

Spaceheads around the Air Force have to be asking themselves one question: Who the hell snagged their sleeve in the satellite? OK, maybe it’s not that simple. But a Government Accountability Office report found that a small piece of cloth stuck in a fuel line might have caused the problems the Advanced Extremely High Frequency satellite has suffered. The satellite will reach its intended altitude nearly a year late. Launch and operational delays have cost the government $250 million, according to the report. That’s some expensive cloth.