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ESPN’s The Basketball Tournament — a single-elimination, winner-take-all contest between 94 teams with a $1 million prize — will start on Friday. And among the players stepping on the court tomorrow will be a team of 10 airmen. The Air Force Bomb Squad, which fell in the first round of the first such tournament last year, is made up of former Air Force Academy Falcons. And this year, the Bomb Squad is touting the addition of point guard Antoine Hood — who Air Force Times profiled this week and has nearly made the NBA several times — as a recruit who “could…

[youtube][/youtube] USA Basketball yesterday posted this video of Senior Airman Nathaniel Mills showing off his dunking skills during a Team USA scrimmage, in full ABUs and boots. “You should see me without fatigues and without boots,” Mills told reporters after the dunk, according to USA Today. Disregard the commentary about “Army fatigues.”