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Something as simple as a T-shirt has a military connection. And this year, it celebrates its 100th birthday. In 1913, the U.S. Navy was the first military branch to issue the T-shirt to be worn under uniforms. By WWII, it became standard issue for both the Navy and the Army. Labeled as “underclothing,” it eventually became acceptable for soldiers to remove their dress shirt while working in hot climates, wearing nothing but their uniform pants and a T-shirt. While the public didn’t love that idea at first, more and more people embraced T-shirts when new designs and colors emerged in…

The Air Force just celebrated its 64th birthday (you don’t look a day above 63!) and naturally that meant photos of celebrations across the world. Well, it looks like the folks at Hickam had one hell of a shindig. Check out this photo from Senior Airman Lauren Main: This leaves me with many thoughts (tattoo on the dancer in foreground, anyone?), but perhaps the most important is this one: Why didn’t the Pentagon folks hire these dancers to perform in D.C.? Swing and a miss, Air Force. Swing and a miss.