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How do dogs do excitement? Like this. This video shows Staff Sgt. Tyler Bigler, 606th Air Control Squadron, Spangdahlem Air Base, Germany, coming home to his playful pooch, Sherlock, on Jan. 15 after six months of deployment in Southwest Asia. Bigler’s wife, Melissa, posted the video on Upworthy’s (a website for viral and “meaningful” content) Facebook page saying, “My husband came home yesterday from a deployment, this is our little dog’s reaction! He hasn’t left his side all day.” Watch the cuteness unfold in the video above. First reported by HuffPost Good News.

Reviewing history in the military, the Air Force and triumphs and misadventures in airpower. On the night of July 24, 1943, over 750 Royal Air Force bombers descended on Hamburg, Germany. “Operation Gomorrah” became a mission for the RAF by night, the Americans by day, which we called “Blitz Week.” The goal? The series of raids were tasked to gain air superiority, cripple German industrial production and to inflict severe material damage on what Air Chief Marshal Arthur T. Harris called the “second city of the Reich.” According to Air Force Magazine, Harris’s Bomber Command “threw 2,355 sorties at Hamburg…