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History is making a comeback when it comes to tankers lending a helping hand to some stranded Air Force pilots out there. Air Force Times’ readers applauded the news that an Air Force tanker crew from McConnell Air Force Base, Kansas, helped save a struggling F-16 pilot. He was flying over Islamic State group-held territory last year when a technical problem affected his fuel supply. He might have ejected over enemy territory, but the KC-135 essentially towed him back to base. “Now THAT is a wingman,” reader Sam Axe wrote on the Air Force Times Facebook page. “Teamwork at its…

A new video released by the Islamic State appears to show one of their executioners wearing an Air Force ball cap. The video shows ISIS terrorists forcing prisoners to kneel over buried explosives. The extremists then reportedly detonated the explosives, killing the hostages for being “apostates,” according to website Popular Military which first reported the story. The incident is reported to have taken place in either Afghanistan or Pakistan. It’s unknown whether the ISIS terrorist knew he was wearing the symbol of the U.S. Air Force, which is currently carrying out strikes against the group in Iraq and Syria.