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Air Force Chief of Staff Gen. Norton Schwartz recently was named one of the world’s most influential Jews. In a feature posted online Friday on the website of The Jerusalem Post, Schwartz is among the 50 chosen “chosen people.” Also on the list: Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, White House Chief of Staff Jack Lew, New York Times Executive Editor Jill Abramson and Facebook creator Mark Zuckerberg. According to the Jewish Virtual Library, Schwartz is the service’s first Jewish top commander. He took the job in August 2008 and is due to retire later this year. Schwartz, coming in at…

So the question has to be asked: What is in a holiday stocking from the chief of staff? I assume it’s full of challenge coins and PowerPoint presentations about Air Force core values on Pentagon-use approved flash drives, but I could be wrong. Any ideas? Leave your guesses, intelligent or otherwise, in the comment section. Also, ever wonder what the chief looks like dressed down? Now you don’t have to wonder.