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We’re now in week three of the government shutdown, and airmen who are supposed to move, but didn’t get their permanent change of station orders before Oct. 1, are still on ice. Air Force Times yesterday published the story of one couple whose PCS is getting complicated by the shutdown: Her move is going through in a few weeks, but his move is on hold until Congress gets its act together and reopens the government. We know there are many, many more stories out there about how the shutdown has affected airmen, and we’d like to hear them. Email me…

Air Force Times would like to hear from airmen whose PCS moves have been put on hold due to the shutdown. Where were you supposed to go, and what were you told when your move was put on ice? But not all moves have been halted due to the shutdown: Any move that supports an excepted activity is still on, according to Pentagon guidance. If your PCS is still going through, we’d also like to hear from you. E-mail me at if you’d like to talk.

As we reported, the Air Force Academy had a minor emergency last week when it ran low on toilet paper and realized that the shutdown had furloughed the only people who knew who had the contract to replace it. And this weekend, Saturday Night Live’s Weekend Update turned that development into a pretty good joke. Said co-anchor Seth Meyers: Because of the government shutdown, the U.S. Air Force Academy in Colorado is facing a toilet paper shortage. Giving new meaning to the phrase, “You’ve got a bogey on your tail.”