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Former Chief of Staff of the Air Force retired Gen. Norton Schwartz has received the highest honor the enlisted force can bestow upon an individual. On Feb. 1, nearly 700 enlisted Air Force Special Operations Command airmen from around the world inducted Schwartz, the 19th Chief of Staff of the Air Force, into The Order of the Sword at the Emerald Coast Convention Center in Fort Walton Beach, Fla. Schwartz is the AFSOC Order’s eighth inductee, according to a release from the 1st Special Operations Wing. He was nominated for the honor in November after his retirement. According to Air Force…

So the question has to be asked: What is in a holiday stocking from the chief of staff? I assume it’s full of challenge coins and PowerPoint presentations about Air Force core values on Pentagon-use approved flash drives, but I could be wrong. Any ideas? Leave your guesses, intelligent or otherwise, in the comment section. Also, ever wonder what the chief looks like dressed down? Now you don’t have to wonder.

[youtube][/youtube] The news that the U.S. Air Force has bunker-buster bombs bad-ass enough to penetrate 60 meters of reinforced concrete was seen as a direct threat to the alleged Iranian underground nuclear weapons labs. This wasn’t lost on the good folks at Next Media Animation, the people who brought you the famous Tiger Wood reenactment and Gadaffi with burning, satanic eyes. Enjoy your moment in the Taiwanese sun, U.S. Air Force.