A few bucks can go a long way


Chances are if you’re reading this you’re: a) gainfully employed by the U.S. government or draw a pension from the U.S. government; and b) have a few extra bucks to throw around.

(And on that latter part, there’s an easy litmus test: You have cable TV? Then you have disposable income.)

It’s time to spread some of that dough around.

The Air Force is taking part of the Feds Feed Families food-drive campaign, which runs through Aug. 31. The 2,500 folks at Air Force Personnel Center are aiming to raise more than five tons of food and hygiene products.

Allow me to soapbox for a minute: The Air Force has about 330,000 active-duty airmen, 71,200 reservists, 106,000 Air National Guardsmen and 146,660 full-time civilian employees. If everyone donates a few pounds of food, that can make a huge impact.

And if you’re one of those folks who needs to win at all cost, the Feds Feed Families website tracks the total pounds collected by government agency. Kicking everyone’s butt is the Agriculture Department with more than 103,000 pounds in June. The Defense Department (by far the largest in the government) totaled 12,754 that month — less than a third of Homeland Security’s total and just edging the Office of Personnel Management.


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