Hill newspaper: Pilot is more more Maverick than Goose


Representing Illinois, the Air National Guard and newspaper reporters who are unaware "Top Gun" was about Navy pilots.

Adam Kinzinger is a captain in the Air National Guard who has managed to ding the chief of staff and get away with it. He once wrestled a knife-wielding man, disarmed him and was named “Hero of the Year.” He has flown missions over Iraq and Afghanistan. He won election to the U.S. House of Representatives on a tea party platform to cut spending.

And he’s pretty easy on the eyes, according to The Hill newspaper.

The tabloid named Kinzinger No. 5 on its annual 50 Most Beautiful People list. The article called him the “Tom Cruise of Congress” and called him “Top Gun.” He’s also the list’s highest-ranked elected official.

But sorry ladies. He’s spoken for: “Kinzinger and his girlfriend met in pilot training, became good friends and started dating about a year ago,” the article said. “She’s still in active duty in the Air Force and is stationed in Charleston, S.C.”


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