How many Nunn-McCurdy breaches on the Star Destroyer?


Even the Post Office has figured out to use more R2-D2s!

Humble in acquisitions, you will be.

The Galactic Empire learned that lesson long time ago in a galaxy far, far away. Its first Death Star was the size of a small moon – and yet one missile launched from an X-wing fighter destroyed it.

Its replacement wasn’t even operational when rebels managed to blow it up. The reason it was vulnerable? Construction was behind schedule – and even the intervention of Darth Vader couldn’t get it finished on time.

One Air Force acquisition officer says today’s military should pay attention to the lessons of the Star Wars movies.

“The investment on this scale is unsustainable and is completely lost when a wamp-rat-hunting farmboy takes a lucky shot,” Lt. Col. Dan Ward wrote in the September-October issue of acquisition trade journal Defense AT&L. “When one station represents the entire fleet (or even 5 percent of the fleet), we’ve put too many eggs in that basket and are well on our way to failing someone for the last time.”


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