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Have you been sitting on an idea that you think will save the Air Force energy and money, but been too nervous to speak up? Well, Air Mobility Command is hoping some cold, hard cash might get you to loosen your lips.

AMC is offering financial incentives for energy-saving ideas during its second annual Fuels, Energy, and Environment (FEE) Idea campaign. The month of October is energy awareness month and the command is pretty hot to find savings anywhere it can.

October also is the first month of a new fiscal year where the Defense Department’s money is looking funny and nobody is laughing. But you could be laughing all the way to the bank.

AMC military members and civilians who submit eligible fuel, energy or environmental conservation ideas to the Air Force Innovative Development through the Employee Awareness (IDEA) Program that actually save the Air Force money could receive up to $10,000, according to AMC Public Affairs.

The command is looking for ideas and initiatives that include, but are not limited to aviation and ground fuel efficiencies, facility energy conservation, renewable energy sources, water conservation measures and cultural change. But you better make your submission good.  It’s limited to one incentive item per person.

To submit an idea, contact the base manpower office at the force support squadron or visit For those submitting ideas directly on the IDEA website to qualify for the incentive gift, submissions must clearly identify “AMC2011FEECAMPAIGN” in the tracking/control number and pertain to fuels, energy or environmental conservation measures. For more information about AMC’s energy initiatives, visit the website


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  1. Larry Rasmussen, MSgt USAF Ret. on

    Have computers sleep after 10 minutes of non use. At Terrell ISD we have 6 Campuses and an Admin Bldg. There is roughly a $200,000 savings a year for that small amount of work.

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