A new comedy – starring UAVs?


Soon you'll be able to watch a show about the people who pilot these guys.//Air Force

Tired of reality shows about singing and terrible three-camera comedies? Try a dark comedy featuring drone pilots in Nevada.

FX is developing Drones, about UAV  pilots “who commute to war,” Deadline Hollywood reports.

Of course,  I’ll always prefer to get UAV-related humor from Twitter.


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  1. I’m sure that they will have plenty of jokes of how drone pilots can only get fat chicks or have to pay for strippers and prostitutes. (especially with this on FX)

  2. fedupwithUSAFp.r. on

    Offensive to the good work that’s done in support of joint and coalition forces outside the wire. When will the message resonate that the principle difference between RPA and fighter-type aircraft executing counterland missions is that the cockpit is on the ground. When we don’t correct people that use the term ‘drones’ we marginalize the mission(s) and the aircrew.

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