Storytime from basic


Youtube user telin21 uploaded this video of her 2-year-old daughter reacting to a pre-recorded video of her dad, who had left for two-months for Air Force basic training in Texas. It is ridiculously cute, and going viral. Uploaded yesterday, the video already has more than 120,000 views.

From the description:

Our daughter didn’t understand him leaving or how long he’d be gone, or if he’d come back. She’s so young and I didn’t want her to think he just vanished. Prior to his departure, he recorded several videos of him talking with her, reading to her, making silly faces, ect. Once he left, every day she would ask “daddy back? see daddy?” and I was so grateful to have something to show her. In this particular video, our kitten knocked something off the shelf in the living room and it made a noise. She was trying to get daddy’s attention to tell him “silly kitty.”


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