Schriever Airmen Take Aim at Dodgeball World Record


You probably couldn’t imagine playing dodgeball for more than a few hours, let alone more than 31 hours — the longest dodgeball marathon, according to the Guinness Book of World Records.

But that’s what airmen at Schriever Air Force Base, Colorado plan to do March 22-23. They’ll attempt to break the Hometown Dodgeball and Albany Dodgeball teams of Albany, N.Y. — current record holders of almost two years for a game that lasted 31 hours 11 minutes and 13 seconds — by playing dodgeball for 40 hours.

Breaking the record is no small feat. To do it,  playing members must stay in the same area for the entire 40 hours, including sleeping and eating there, according to a press release  from Schriever Air Force Base. To pull the whole thing off not only is there a need for about 20 players, volunteers are needed to referee, man food stations, record the whole thing and provide emergency assistance in case someone gets hurt or sick. The whole thing will go down at the Schriever fitness center.

If they succeed they’ll, join the Air Force Academy in Guinness Book of World Record and dodgeball history. The academy briefly held the record for world’s largest dodgeball game and you can read about how that went here.

The idea to go after the record apparently came from three airmen in the 50th Space Communications Squadron, according to a press release.

“We originally thought about breaking the record ourselves,”  Senior Airman Michael Bruno, said in the press release. “Once we looked at it more we realized the potential it had to be something more.”

That something more will be raising money for the Air Force Assistance Fund.




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