DJ Jazzy Jeff performs for deployed airmen


Airmen in Southwest Asia got to party like it was 1989 when DJ Jazzy Jeff spun records for the 380th Air Expeditionary Wing.

DJ Jazzy Jeff’s April 25 performance marked the first time he played for a military audience, according to an Air Force news story.

“I first got the idea about two years ago, but we’d never been able to make it happen,” DJ Jazzy Jeff said in the news release. “At home when we go to bed, it’s calm and peaceful, but it’s calm and peaceful because people out here are keeping us safe. So this was just our way of saying ‘thanks for what you do.’”

Back in the day, DJ Jazzy Jeff sang rap songs along with Will Smith, then known as the “Fresh Prince.” The duo’s hits include “Girls Aint Nothing But Trouble,” and “Parents Just Don’t Understand.”


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