Breast-feeding in uniform and other stories in this week's Air Force Times


Yes, those are bare breasts on the cover of this week’s Air Force Times.

Two airmen have appeared in a photograph showing them breast-feeding their babies while in uniform as part of a campaign for a breast-feeding support group, but when the image went viral, it caused a firestorm about whether nursing while in uniform is allowed.

In other news, the mother of an airman based at Joint Base Elmendorf-Richardson, Alaska, whose body was found May 8 believes money may have been the motive for his death.

Police have not charged anyone in connection with the death of Senior Airman Clinton Reeves, nor have they released a cause of death.

And the Air Force is set to stand up a second team of emergency medical professionals who specialize in moving and treating wounded troops who have just been injured and are at risk of dying if emergency care is not immediately administered.

The first team has successfully treated 299 severely wounded troops over the past year.

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  1. The baby formula companies are one of the most successful advertisers in history. They have managed to brainwash almost the entire world into thinking that breastfeeding is taboo after year one and that formula made out of cow’s milk is superior. The formula companies are so successful, they managed to beat most mother’s basic instinct to breastfeed their hungry babies with their own milk and shun those who do in public. Breastfeeding is the most natural thing in the world, yet we treat women who do it in public with disgust.

  2. I am not against breastfeeding. This was a staged photo supposedly with Commanders approval. I know a lot of females with kids who don’t need to bring their kid to work everyday to feed them. Work is not a place to be bringing your kid on a day to day basis because then someone is always having to pick up the slack. This is unfair because the military did not issue them a child, they know the schedule and the demand of a military occupation and if they truly want to remain a member of the armed services then they will need to cater to the service, the contract doesn’t state that it should be the other way around. You don’t see Army or Marine or Navy women posing in uniform breast feeding. Why you ask? Because I guarentee that their commanders wouldn’t approve of it. This photo makes it look like we have time to sit around and take care of personal issues all day everyday; as a male, I would find it quite unfair if I had to pick up slack for 20 minutes a day everyday for someone to go feed their child. I also know the service contract never said anything was going to be fair, but if it’s preventable, then it should be avoided altogether. If the child starts taking precedence over the career that the female CHOSE to sign, then maybe it is time to look at a different career path. I’m pretty sure even McDonald’s won’t let working mothers bring their babies to work and feed them in the dining room. All I am asking is please don’t mix work and personal time. Taxpayers are paying us to do a job, not to use work time to babysit our children.

  3. TSgt Johnson on

    I got to say I was shocked by what I saw on the cover of Air Force Times when I was checking out at the BX. First, who decided that this was appropriate? Second, did it register to anyone that they should have placed this in the inside and not on the cover because not everyone whats to see this especially if you have children with you? Third, and most importantly, how in the world did not anyone think that such a cover on the front of Air Force Times would not offend especially amid another rape and sexual assault sandal rocking the Air Force? What is wrong with the Air Force culture and how stupid AND insensitive are you!?!?

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