CENTCOM to Iran: Status update, "KABOOM!"


U.S. Central Command’s Farsi Facebook page, an attempt to reach Iranians chafing under the yoke of the tyrannical regime, may be sending the wrong message.

The page’s cover photo shows an F-35 Joint Strike Fighter dropping a bomb with “United States Central Command” written underneath.

This comes  a day after Defense Secretary Leon Panetta and Joint Chiefs Chairman Gen. Martin Dempsey said Iran is training a militia inside Syria to support another tyrannical regime.

And Air Force Secretary Michael Donley recently said that the Massive Ordnance Penetrator – a really big bomb – would be ready if needed. The MOP is designed to penetrate earth and concrete to destroy underground bunkers, like the ones Iran has to protect its nuclear program.

A CENTCOM spokesman said the picture is not meant to send a message to the Iranian government. People who visit the page typically like pictures of U.S. military aircraft and personnel.

At last count, the F-35 picture had 22 “likes.”

UPDATE: The picture has been removed from the page.


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