Low promotion rates for drone pilots and other stories in this week's Air Force Times


Pilots for the Air Force’s unmanned aircraft are in high demand, but their promotion rates lag behind their fighter, bomber and mobility counterparts.

Air Force Times looks at five promotion cycles, asks the Air Force what’s up and talks to drone pilots about how they feel treated like anything but the best of the best.

In other news, Chief of Staff Gen. Mark Welsh tells noncommissioned officers that if they don’t work hard and demonstrate leadership abilities, he and the Air Force’s top enlisted airman “will kick your ass.”

Welsh outlined his expectations for NCOs at the 51st First Sergeants Association convention, his first public speaking engagement since becoming chief.

And the Air Force wants a computer display that fighter pilots can strap to their legs to replace the paper flight book.

Because fighter pilots may have to eject, the display must be unbreakable and lightweight.

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  1. Really rather shocking, in this politically correct day and age, to hear the top-dog airman of the Air Force use the term, “kick your ass”.
    Won’t be very surprised when he ends up issuing an apology for that remark.

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